60: Worms, Wolves, and Bears

Real World Info

This session was played on Tuesday May 3rd, featuring:

Holga the witch
Ranndy the Serpenthelm
Runty the deranged halfling
Frogo the other halfling
Dumier the anarcho-syndicalist
Guillaume the alchemist's apprentice
Rothgar the brave

This adventure was based on the one-page dungeon Cry of the Gravegod, by Heron Prior.


The Purple Worm Cult, acting on divine edict, seek to gain control of a hellmouth. They have violent encounters with wolves and bears and are disrespected by an alchemist.

The Will of the Worm God

The Worm Cult has consolidated its holdings and is ready for some growth and expansion. One of the hottest evil assets in the Black Peaks are the hellmouths so plans are made for a hostile takeover of the one beneath Zamzomarr's iron tower.

A number of sketchy locals are recruited to bolster the cult's numbers.


At the iron tower a couple of cultists in leather armour with a white bear emblazoned on it are found also investigating the hellmouth. They're quickly defeated, questioned and then tortured to death. Nothing of interest is learned, but good use is made of the acid pool at the top of the tower.

Through the hellmouth, in the foyer of hell a giant flaming bear rises up and slays Frogo with a single blow of its massive flaming bear paw. While the bear is preoccupied with eating Frogo the other cultists slip through the doors into a shrine to ancient gods.

Spider Dimension

In the adjoining priest's living quarters a long dead body is found laying in a bed. Maybe it has a jewel? Maybe, but it is definitely a conduit to spider dimension and spirit spiders are pouring out. Rothgar gets bitten and his neck and face swell up to many times their optimal size. The other cultists lose interest in the maybe-jewel, leave, and never look back.

The Stone Forest

Down a long spiral staircase is a petrified forest. Some dumb elf-ghost tells her tale of woe about a naga which is corrupting the forest. Yaawn. The cultists continue to explore the forest and stumble upon some large ghostly wolves. The wolves immediately kill Guillaume and things begin to look grim. The worm god speaks to Holga and she puts Dumier to the knife without hesitation. Things look grimmer. The wolves continue their attack but the worm god is pleased by Dumier's blood and blesses the dice. The wolves are slain without any further casualties.

The Alchemist

A strategic retreat is made for recruitment and resupply purposes Ranndy and Runty visit the alchemist of Threshold. After they fail to procure free wares with their silver tongues they resort to extortion. The alchemist drugs them both and they wake up days later naked in the woods.

Holga visits the next evening, to talk about his treatment of her companions. She tries to charm him but that doesn't work. She tries magic missile next and that works fabulously. The alchemist is disarmed (but he still has one arm left) and he makes quite a ruckus before being silenced. The noise summons the attention of the town guard but the Worm Cultists are able to rob and set fire to the alchemist's shop before making another strategic retreat.


  • 2 crazed bear cultists
  • Frogo
  • Guillaume
  • Rothgar
  • Dumier
  • 3 ghost wolves
  • the alchemist of Threshold


  • 6 silver pieces

All PCs received 132 xp and 2 sp. Retainers did not fare well.

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