DW 2: World Painted Black


26 February 2013 at the Grind.


Rys, alien technician (a Grey).
Caeser, a mutant. He is like a centaur only he has a human body instead of that of a horse and the upper torso of a lizard instead of that of a man.


In the process of saving humanity's great scientific hope, two secret agents are transported into another dimension.

Some Stuff Happened

The alien technician Rys and Caeser the Mutant are on the planet Prismatica, auditing a remote research station when a massive animal migration happens. The human scientists scramble to get the defensive walls up, but one of the dangerous scorpion-pigs gets in and starts tearing things up. Caeser has a terrible premonition of a giant wave of darkness engulfing everything and leaves Rys to fight the animal by himself in a tight hallway. When he finally comes to his senses, Rys has wounded the beast with his lasers but it is charging one of the human scientists. Caeser manages to dispatch it with his energy swords, and the day is saved!

No It Isn't

Something picks up the frequency of one of Rys' machines and an orbital laser strike targets the station, taking out one of the ornithopters and one of the scientists. Our heroes then discover the black wave sweeping over the entire planet and notice a connection between it and the ship that blasted them from orbit.


The humanspace secret service has dispatched Caeser and Rys to the planet Prismatica because there have been reports that the zero physicists have been pursuing experiments that are too dangerous for them to handle. Since this is a contentious issue for humans, two non-humans have been sent to check it out.

So after the disaster, they fly back to the capital city to alert the governor. When they get there, they see that because there is only one spaceship in the spaceport, people are rioting. They check in with the governor and the scientists.

A Solution and More Problems

Gurazada says they might be able to use the comms lab to create a tractor beam, but it's on the other side of town. The get in the ornithopter and dicover a government ornithopter attacking them. The alien drops off Gurazada and Caeser at the lab, then leads the enem thopter to crash itself on a triumphal arch.

Inside the lab, Caeser discovers black-garbed anarchists trying to destroy everything. They are in contact with an alien wizard via a holopad who is commanding them. Caeser chops up one and sprays webs all over the others.

Then Rys gets back and they create a tractor beam, bringing the alien ship crashing into the city. When they approach it, the alien wizard blasts them with alien lightning, but Caeser leaps into the ship and cuts off one of his hands.

A Subtle Change of Scenery

As Caeser grapples the alien, they teleport away through a dimensional wormhole. Rys keys the ship and pursues through the same wormhole, leaving Prismatica behind to fend for itself.

They arrive on a desert next to an ocean. there is a homing beacon and a crashed spaceship. They talk to the red-skinned hermit who lives in the ship, and he says this is Barsoom, which is a parallel Mars but in a different dimension. Then they use their scanners to find a power source, locating one many miles to the south. They try to fly but their ship runs out of fuel and crashes at the foot of a mountain range. Giant spiders emerge and attack them, but are summarily dispatched. Fur crabs come by and our heroes entice them to eat the dead spiders instead of attacking them.

In the ship Rys, true to his Grey nature, probes the alien wizard while Caeser eats his severed hand parts (but with no fava beans and no chianti). The alien wizard tricks Caeser into opening the self-destruct hatch, and jury-rigged dynamite destroys the central computer and the nanobot repair unit.

Rys tries to rebuild it, but it gets assimilated into a local machine intelligence. The machine god dispatches its human minions to bring them to the machine city in the fungal forest where living creatures are sacrificed to it. They agree to work for the machine god.

Total Losses/Loot

Our heroes may or may not have lost an entire planet, but they gained an alien spaceship (and then crashed it more than once).

GM was johnstone.

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