What We're Playing

Dungeon World


Dungeon World is a new, award-winning role-playing game system written by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. It is a version of fantasy adventure that uses the rules from Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World as its foundation. It has a website here.

Our current Dungeon World setting is pulp science fantasy, with plenty of alien planets, spaceships, and rayguns. You can read summaries of our games, starting from Robot Invasion on the Dungeon World campaign page.

Black Peaks


Lord Stefan slew the Dragon and routed his army of goblinkind, but could not stay to consolidate his hold on the ruined kingdoms of The Black Peaks. Now mercenaries, charlatans and adventurers of all stripes have flocked to the area! Throw oil, sacrifice retainers and separate monsters from their treasure the old fashioned way (ie Charm, Sleep & Treachery).

Black Peaks is classic D&D fantasy inspired by New York Redbox, where adventurers explore and reclaim a lost Dwarven homeland.

We use Basic/Expert D&D as the main system, with Labyrinth Lord being used interchangeably.

Planet Algol


Strap on your azoth, saddle up your zorse and charge across the Iridium Plateau in search of inscrutable artifacts, forgotten spells, or just seriously potent intoxicants. Battle unspeakable horrors, explore the Melted City, or get lost in the Slime Lands. But steer clear of the Limb Pirates. And watch out for radiation storms!

Planet Algol is a weird science fantasy campaign inspired by such things as Flash Gordon; Metal Hurlant/Heavy Metal; Barbarella; Geoffrey McKinney's Carcosa; Gabor Lux's Fomalhaut; John Carter of Mars; Clark Ashton Smith; Lin Carter; Gene Wolfe's Post-Historical fiction; Mike Grell's The Warlord comic book; and many, many more.

The system is LotFP. DM Planet Algol has a blog with a ton of adventure summaries from his home game, plus zillions of other resources and information.

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