A handsome, greedy, mullet-wearing ex-mercenary.

Once employed by Tyrel or Twindle during their adventures in the Caves of Chaos. He recently proved himself an artist with the polearm on an expedition to the Keep of Koralgesh, while in the employ of Boolean the Halfling Veteran.

After the sudden and tragic death of his hobbit boss on the second level of the Keep of Koralgesh due to a Gelatinous Cube, Warthog was promoted to a full member of the party. He now collects a full share of the treasure, which makes him happy, because he is still greedy.

In the tomb of the red mummy, Warthog passed through a portal that reacted with the warpstone within his blood, causing his brain to atrophy. Subsequently, he tried to do a leap of faith across a chasm in the style of Indiana Jones, but screwed it up and fell into a torrent that ejected him out of the Threshold waterfall.

His gear was salvaged by Umgax Longshanks.

Player PeteC
Class Fighting-Man
Title Swordmaster
Alignment Neutral
Special Halberd Choppin', Ass Kickin',
Strength 16 (+2 Melee Attack/Damage, Opening Doors, +10% xp)
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 8 (-1 Missile, +1 AC, -1 Initiative)
Constitution 7 (-1 Hit Point/Level)
Charisma 16!!! (Reaction +1, 6 Retainers, Morale 9)
Armor Class 3
Hit Points 14
Points 4155 xp
Treasure 1322 gp

Gear: Platemail, Chainmail, Club, Spear +2, Shield bearing Insignia of Koralgesh, Dagger (gear at time of death)

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