A small town with a surprising amount of brave, healthy folks eager to delve into nearby dungeons for a few sorry pieces of gold.

Recently word has gotten out (most likely from Banduron's bratty loudmouth kid, the blacksmith) that a group of adventurers have been making excellent progress clearing out the old Keep of Koralgesh. Retainers-for-hire have flocked to the place for a "piece of the action."

Here's a few hangers-on waiting for some employment in Vineyard:

Pilpo Paggins (a halfling) is the rich son of a richer merchant-lord who has foregone the family business in search of adventure. He's deceptively strong for someone with such a rotund figure, and quick too!
Jeeves is the (human) butler of Pater Paggins, father of Pilpo. The senior Paggins has charged Jeeves with looking after Pilpo and will protect Pilpo to the very end. And did.

Bella Clover is the tinyist little she-halfling you ever did see. Nevertheless, she'll drink you and everyone else in the bar under the table. She carries two daggers.

Uts Magestabber is the only vegan dwarf in the history of time. He carries a nest of dwarven beardbirds in his…well, where else? He maintains he only keeps them to detect dangerous dungeon gas, but when nobody is looking he speaks softly and provides little treats to them. Nobody has ever seen Oots stab a mage… "but I could. Pass me that fork." (Currently in the employ of Gamgar)

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