Viktor Calanon

who drowned in the flooded passages of the Temple of Shul-Hazadar.

Let this be a lesson to remove armor rather than trying to climb the rope.

Player jladell
Class Elf
Title Veteran-Medium
Alignment Lawful
Special Elf Spells (Charm), Elf Hearing, Elf Vision, Ghoul Immunity,
Languages (Common, Elvish, Orc, Gnoll, Hobgoblin, Dwarvish)
Strength 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 7 (-1 vs magic)
Dexterity 13 (+1 missile, -1 AC, +1 init)
Constitution 9
Charisma 10 (4 retainers, morale 7)
Armor Class 2
Hit Points 6
Points 3956
Gold 3298
Sword 1d8 damage
Red Chainmail (+1) Shield
Short bow (1d6) 8 arrows
Rations 5 days
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