Tall skinny fast weak red mutant.

Player grrraham
Class Mutant Fighting-woman
Special can only carry half as much, moves at twice the regular speed, has a secret eye in the back of left hand, red skin, yellow hair, unnaturally tall and skinny, was frozen in stasis for ??? years
Strength 3 (-3)
Dexterity 18 (+3)
Constitution 11
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11
Armor Class 17
Hit Points 15
Points 2765/4000
Treasure 2537
Equipment Leather armour, 3 flasks of oil, red triangular dagger, dartgun and 11 darts coated in clear viscous fluid, grappling hook, sling

Velouria was born in Adomaz where she lived until she was hired on as a caravan guard. Her work took her across the vast Rust Desert to Agog City where she met ill fortune.
A hunting party sponsored by some Agogi nobles was trawling the mutant district looking to recruit more unusual and exotic concubines. Velouria's height and unnaturally slender limbs caught their attention and they knocked her out and captured her. She ended up being frozen in stasis and used prominently as part of the decor in the concubinatorium for many years, until she was freed by Sabroz and Xerij'l during their theft of the 'Ecstatic Writhing in Tentacles'.

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