Ussil Leodhambis

A former slave of the Dragon Army, Ussil the elf is tired of being a labourer, and has turned to adventuring in order to make enough money to return home.

Class Elf
Alignment Neutral
Special Ventriloquism, Elven Senses
Strength 13 (+1 Melee Attack/Damage, Opening Doors)
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8 (-1 save vs spells)
Dexterity 8 (-1 Missile, +1 AC, -1 Initiative)
Constitution 10
Charisma 9
Armor Class ?+1
Hit Points 4
Points 730 xp
Treasure 50 gp

Gear: Leather, Spear (Shield, net, x-bow when employed by Parsnip)

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