19: Undead Undead Undead

Real World Info

This session was played on Feb 20, 2010.

Cast of characters:

Warthog the fightin' mercenary with his retainers Klipsan the footpad and Apu
GamGar of DimDwarfia
carparella the Not-Long-For-This-World


The walking dead and a bevy of magical weapons, some good and some bad, are uncovered on the second level of the Keep of Koralgesh

I. The Vault of Tapestries of Sailing Vessels and Sea Combat

Gamgar pries open the locked doors to the tapestried room previously guarded by the revolving gelatinous cube and in it the adventurers find six sacks filled with 1000 copper coins each. They also pry a loose rock from the wall and turn a lever that raises a chest from the ground. The sound of Gamgar hacking at the chest attracts a band of skeletons which stab Carparella to death even as she tries to sneak up on them. Finally all the undead are dispatched using the old withdraw and polearm maneuver and the group finds gold and silver in the chest.

II. Tomb of Stupid Zombies

Continuing into a room filled with corpses on slabs, a sarcophagus, and plenty of cobwebs, the group arouses mindless zombies who pursue them out of the room. Again the trusty polearm maneuver saves the day and Apu opens the sarcophagus to reveal a cleric of Kor holding a magical staff.

III. The Haunted Armory

In a room filled with weapons, which has been previously scryed through the use of the magic pool in the caverns below, the group is attacked by animated weapons as soon as they fool with an anvil. The damage is found to be illusory however, so when they attack again Klipsan puffs up his chest ready to ignore it. Sadly, on this second round the wounds are real and Klipsan falls to a bloody heap while Gamgar absconds with a magical sword from beneath the anvil. The group comes up with a trick to outsmart the animated weapons and lasso a chest which is found to contain the long-sought Hammer of Banduron.

IV. Back to Vineyard

The band of adventurers decide to take the Hammer of Banduron back to Vineyard to give to Stump the dwarf as promised. Stump offers to create whatever armor and swords the group requires, though this of course will take time. Meanwhile, carousing begins for a well-earned break from the Keep of Koralgesh.

V. Total losses/loot

carparella was hacked to death while trying to backstab a skeleton.

Seven skeletons 80 xp
Animated swords, maces and axes 100xp
Four zombies 80 xp

6000 cp
370 sp
290 gp
ruby-pommelled sword with scarlet scabbard (+1, +3 vs Undead) (Gamgar)
Staff of Healing (Dalamyr)
Tapestries worth 100 gp

Each surviving PC earned xxx xp and xxx gold, Each surviving retainer earned xxx xp and xxxxx!

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