100: TPK!


8 October 2012 at The Storm Crow Tavern.


1st Party:
Hugo the one-eyed warrior.
Paul the one-eyed cleric.
Graeme the yellowish dandy.
Yorn the bricklayer.
Zorn his dad.

2nd Party:
Johnstone Serpenthelm, right-wing blow-hard.
Carlos the wielder of Stahlkurtan.
A couple of jaundiced knights.


One party goes into goblin's lair and falls afoul of ghouls. Another party falls afoul of the town of Ljorhafen, but recovers money from dungeon.

First Try, Not So Successfull

They went into the dungeon. They killed a manticore. They tried to find a better way out and ran into some ghouls. They were all paralyzed and eaten.

Second Try, A Little Better

Carlos and Johnstone Serpenthelm recover some treasure, but find out that Serpenthelms have been banned from Ljornhafen, along with music. So they wander over to the citadel manned by jaundiced warriors and pay them some rent. Two of these knights venture into the dungeon with them but die.

Total Losses/Loot

The whole first party died. The second party found some phat lootz.

DM was johnstone.

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