50: Tower of the Stargazer Part II

Real World Info

This session was played on October 25th.

The dungeon is Tower of the Stargazer by James Raggi IV.


Merrigold, of the prolific Serpenthelm clan
the Dalamyr, of Dalamyr's Doomriders fame
Gamblor the buster of ghosts
Connor the decrepit
Nardon Flanders, stalwart retainer of Gamblor
Quimby Willowfeet, Guard and loyal companion of Merrigold Serpenthelm


Dalamyr's Doomrider's return to the iron tower to finish plundering it of its riches and to look into that hellmouth thing that Pelltar was obsessing about. They explore the basement, encountering mirrors, guts, zombie-ghosts, blood, boxes, a weird skeleton, and a zelda style puzzle-trap with levers and force fields.

Despite the challenges the party emerge victorious from the tower, with chests of gold and silver (and copper) to show for their troubles. Victorious except for Connor, that is, who emerges weaker, clumsier, and much older than before, and Gamblor who emerges lifelessly slung over the shoulder of Nardon.

In which our heroes are sucked through a portal into the cold harsh vacuum of space and they simultaneously freeze to death and explosively depressurize

The party take care of a few things upstairs, collecting some acid and gunpowder and investigating the rubberized doors and chest which they found and left undisturbed on their last foray. The doors lead to a library full of ancient and boring tomes which crumble and disintegrated as soon as they're touched. The chest contained a number of vials of blood which turn out to be alive and hostile. They are disposed of into the pool of acid, except for the one that is tossed off the roof of the tower. It slithers off into the forest.

Mirror, Mirror

Taking the elevator down to the basement lead to a room full of dissected animals with five mirrors in an alcove in the corner. Either Zamzomarr is (was) a vainglorious popinjay who needed to regularly check his outfit and fix his hair, or these are evil and magical mirrors. Connor, being an idiot, tries fucking with the mirrors. After he is magically aged into an old and feeble man he keeps fucking with the mirrors and is sucked into motherfucking mirror dimension. Even while trapped in the mirror he keeps fucking around and looks into another mirror which knocks him out.

Gold and Guts

With Connor trapped unconscious inside of a mirror, and not willing to investigate too closely lest they themselves be trapped, the other adventurers busy themselves by searching the rest of the room. After fighting with a dead guy's guts over the gold thread he was sewn shut with they make one last effort to rescue Connor and, using the thread, succeed. Connor, idiotically decides to look at the last two mirrors, getting a magic hand mirror from one and summoning his evil mirror twin forth from the other. After a moment's confusion about which Connor was which the evil mirror twin was tidily dispatched.

Assorted Shenanigans

There were some zombie-ghosts which Dalamyr banished from the earthly plane while the rest of the party sat and had a snack, picked at their teeth, got rocks out of their boots etc., etc. There was a gross black gooey thing which attacked Quimby's face but it was successfully beaten away with a torch without harming Quimby's beautiful face in the process. There was an awesome skeleton with tons of arms and too many spines! it was set on fire "just in case".


On the bottom floor there is a puzzle-trap with levers and electrified explosive forcefields. With the kind of rational and coordinated problem solving skills which only four people talking over one another can muster, the adventurers make short work of the obstacle and loot the treasure on the other side of the forcefields. Gamblor gets a pretty bad electric shock but he mans up and doesn't complain too much.

Gamblor the Stoic

Nor does he complain later when the spider drops down onto him. Nor when the treasure he finds turns out to rocks crudely painted to look like coins. He doesn't even complain when a poison dart shoots out of a trapped chest and kills him instantly. He probably wouldn't have complained when the chest turned out to contain an evil demon idol which grew to gigantic size and attacked the party. When a number of unidentified potions are found in another room and the party tries pouring them down his lifeless gullet in a last ditch effort to resuscitate him he still doesn't complain, which is actually too bad because that would at least have been a sign of life.

Nardon doesn't complain when he receives his former master's share of the loot.

The Hellmouth

A bloody gash in the stone floor of the basement was found which shifted and moved and radiated with pure evil. Connor took it a couple doors off of their hinges and lay them over top of it in an attempt to, if not seal it, at least kind of half heartedly block it for a while. The others were really too busy hauling heaping chests of coins and treasure out of the basement to really deal with it.

Kill Count

  • Gamblor the ghost buster
  • Connor's evil mirror duplicate
  • a bunch of little blood monsters
  • intestines monster
  • 4 ghost-zombies
  • weird black thing that a cadaver spat at Quimby
  • evil demon idol
  • giant spider


  • 2428gp
  • 10641sp
  • 57642cp
  • pearl worth 500gp
  • crystal dice worth 500gp
  • box of narcotics worth 500gp
  • gold thread worth 75gp
  • wondrous refrigerating box

All PCs received 1064 xp and 1392 gp. Retainers received 532 xp. Merrigold got the gold thread because it was gross and corpsey and no one else wanted it.

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