47: Tower of the Stargazer Part I

This session played Monday, September 27th, 2010 at Waves on Broadway.

The dungeon is Tower of the Stargazer by James Raggi IV.


corporal-kaffshyth the enemy of all wizards everywhere.
Dalamyr, stoic priest of the owl god.
Gamblor the elf.
connor the dwarf.
Archibald Serpenthelm


Baron Grellis asks Dalamyr and his companions for an audience, after which the brave companions raid Zamzomarr's iron tower.

Trouble So Bad

Pelltar the wizard explains the dire situation. Using copious charts and diagrams, he explains that all the evil happenings within the Black Peaks are being caused by three specific locations. One of these is located beneath the baron's keep, another is deep below Threshold, and the third is Zamzomarr's iron tower. He takes them down to the basement of the keep and shows them a strange iron door. Behind this door, he explains, lies the dungeon. Unfortunately, it is only open for a fortnight every month, and right now it is closed.

Storming the Wizard's Tower

Our stalwart heroes, unwilling to wait around lollygagging, head on down to Zamzomarr's iron tower. It is located just outside the Haunted Forest, the land around it a blasted wasteland. It is 80 feet high, made of iron blocks, and is bulbuous at the top. There is one door and no windows. Outside, the party finds a dead thief, apparently fallen from the top of the tower. Gamblor tries the doorhandle, but the metal serpents come alive and sink their teeth into his elven flesh! Where a mortal man would be dead in seconds, though, his fey constitution fights off the poison, leaving him merely queasy. Still loathe to try the knocker, however, Dalamyr loops rope around the handles and pulls the doors open that way.

Liquid Courage

Inside the tower, the party quickly finds some wine in the china cabinet, allowing Gimli and Legolas Connor and Gamblor to get their drink on, though one bottle makes the dwarf slightly queasy. Despite their nauseous demi-humans, the party find two trap-doors leading down, one below a statue that Kaffshyth dispatches with his sledge hammer, another beneath a pile of boxes. Taking a peek and seeing nothing moving down below, they carry on up the stairs.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

On the second floor, they find the servants' quarters and the rather pitiful kitchen. In the head servant's chamber, they find a dessicated corpse… and a ghost! Dalamyr attempts to expel it with his holy symbol as it violently paws at Gamblor until Connor begins smashing at the corpse. The ghost is dispatched and the party burns the body and the ruined mattress. They then loot the room, acquiring a key and a diary, which details how his master, "Z." went crazy and violent 59 years ago and he decided to flee.

Everyone Makes Mistakes, Even Wizards!

On the third floor, they find the wizard, trapped in his own magical circle. At first, he bashfully admits to his bungling and asks to be freed, but the party, suspecting he may be a demon, space alien, or evil wizard, refuse, and instead Colonel Kaffshyth opts to to taunt and bully him mercilessly. The wizard quickly loses his temper, threatening them in the most ostentatious terms. In the room, they discover an egg-shaped crystal the size of a man's head, and a door to a levitation platform that accesses five different levels.

Ghost Busters!

Taking the levitation platform up to the fourth level, they find a second ghost. This one challenges the party to wager their souls in order to pass. Gamblor plays chess with the ghost and wins, and the door to the wizard's arcane library is opened. The party loots the room thoroughly, finding several magical scrolls and a back-up spellbook. They are rather leery of the doors made airtight by plastic seals, however, and decide to ascend to the fifth floor.

Telescopic Transportation

At the top of the tower, they find a large room with a giant telescope in it. Archibald fiddles with the controls, and makes the roof retract, and the telescope extend and focus on some bizarre-looking alien planet. The party attaches the crystal to the telescope, but this only manages to transport Archibald, in a less-than-functional state, to the alien planet where his remains are devoured by moss creatures.

Everyone Makes Mistakes, Not Just Wizards!

Dalamyr then decides to implement his plan to capture the wizard. Two party members attempt to clothesline him with rope, in order to force him up against the invisible wall of force imprisoning him, so they can tie him up, but they only manage to push him out of the circle. He then casts Death Spell, Immunity to Normal Weapons, and Sleep, but the combined efforts of a group of dedicated killers, and Dalamyr's magical mace, prove to be too much for the unarmoured wizard. Sadly Colonel Kaffshyth the Warlock-Axer General fails to axe the wizard and is instead struck near-dead with a crippled left arm instead of earning his liver.

Done for the Day

The party then grabs their crystal, their magical writings, and a few rugs and makes camp for the night outside the tower.

Kill count

  • 1 ghost (175xp)
  • Zamzomarr the 13th level Wizard (2300xp)
  • Archibald
  • Bradley Barford the hireling
  • Hurris the guard


Crystal 2500gp
Four Scrolls, each with one spell: Charm Person, Enlarge, Feather Fall, Fly
Spellbook, with Identify, Message, Shield, Detect Magic, Ventriloquism, Locate Object, Mirror Image, Protection From Normal Weapons.
Sword +1 (Symbol of Law on the hilt)
Shield +2 (Three lions)

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