40: To the Mouth of Stonehell

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This session was played on July 7 2010, at Waves on Broadway.


The adventurers make their way to the mouth of Stonehell, slaughtering monsters left and right for a pittance in gold, and some intriguing magical artifacts.


William Parsnip and his dogs
Gamblor the elf, and his retainer
Floria the magic user and her two retainers

Beasties and Barbicans

The Adventurers set foot inside the gatehouse of Stonehell, electing to skip the bounty on Zorrel Gnast in order to satiate their curiosity about the ancient underground prison. After passing through the bottom gateway, they see two doors leading into the gatehouse. They manage to clear the building after slaying many beasts and denizens, including 3 Sturges, 8 Goblins, a Swarm of Wasps, and 4 Giant Centipedes with great ease. Parsnip shows no fear, dousing himself with flaming oil to get the centipedes off him. Inside a secret room they manage to find a magic umbrella and traveling cloak.

Elven Raver Chalk

The adventurers then proceed to explore the box canyon beyond the gatehouse, starting with the ground level North Eastern cavern. Inside, they find note written in a strange chalk only visible by infravision stating:

R. -
As agreed, the jewels await you two levels down in the chambers past the acolytes' cells. How you deal with the wasps is your own concern!


The adventurers are then lured into a deeper chamber in which they find a fire beetle munching on a dead goat. Boom! Bam! Pif! Slambo! Dead beetle. They salvage the glands.

Shadowy Skeletons

The party moves on into another cave located in the box canyon. This one has a chill feeling of dread, and shadows that are never quite scattered with torch light. Upon discovering a curious piece of stonework, Gamblor searches and finds a trapdoor. A trapped trap door. He is zapped by a shadow-like blast and has strength drained from him temporarily. In another room, the party are beset by 6 skeletons with glowing blue-black eyes. Skeleton, shmeleton they say as they quickly dispatch the horrors and carry their bones outside of the cave to be scattered.

Old Coal and The Cougar

Another cave results in an ambush by a mountain lion. Parsnip easily eats the damage, and the rest of the party dispatch the mountain lion with ease. A gift of rations is left for Coal, the benign black bear of the box canyon, after the hireling dwarf points out that it is known to be good luck.

Burlap Sack of the Bloody Nose

The adventurers proceed into another cave in the box canyon. They mercifully slay a racoon that has rabies, and open a trapped door that breaks Parsnip's nose. One of the other rooms contains huge pill bugs. Ewwww.


Spitting Cobra

Death From Above

Crab Spider

Descent into Hell… Stonehell

2 Giant centipedes
3 Cobra


Parsnip's Dog, Rex Jr fell to the poisonous bite of a spitting Cobra in Stonehell proper.


  • 109 gp, 6sp, 4cp
  • Keg of wine, saw, tongs, files, wooden mallet, nails, iron spikes (4) -Parsnip
  • Flint -Gamblor
  • Dried up: quill, ocre, pigeon eggs, newt eyes -Parsnip
  • 12' Iron Ladder -Parsnip
  • Fire Beetle Glands (2) -Floria and Gamblor
  • Statue of St Rais (sp) patron saint of fidelity -Parsnip
  • Deer Carcasses (2 halves) -Party
  • Wine Cask, Playing Cards -Party
  • Longsword, Leather armour -Parsnip

Magic Loot

  • Healing Potion -Parsnip, held in trust
  • Potion of Extra Healing -Parsnip, held in trust
  • White Scale Parasol -Floria
  • Journeyman's Cloak -Parsnip
  • Flame Chalk -Gamblor
  • Ring of the Scintillating Orb -Floria

54 XP for retainers
108 XP for PCs.

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