43: There's Gnolls In Them Hills

This session was played on Monday, August 9th, 2010.


Bonspiel, Priest of Kor.
Umgax Longshanks, his retainer Thena, his charmed henchman Telmar the Curate, and his two war dogs.
William Parsnip, his retainers Mulix and Felix, and his two war dogs.


The trio leave Restenford, and spend the day killing gnolls in the Pebble Hills.

A Gnoll War Party

On their way to Bone Hill, the party spots a column of gnolls and moves to intercept them. As they clear a set of hills, they see a rude collection of stone huts that must surely be the gnoll village, a suspicion confirmed when sharp-toothed gnoll children scatter on their approach.

Failure to Communicate

Umgax attempts to enchant the leader of the gnoll war party, an ogre-sized brute with a big axe, but the spell fails, so Parsnip and Mulix resort to plan B. Plan B is to light things on fire, and in a few moments the gnolls defend their pitiful village in a howling mass.

Parsnip wades into melee, taking on four or more of the beastmen, while each of the clerics and Felix face off with their own adversaries, and Mulix, Thena and Umgax lob oil and sharp objects. Though Parsnip seems to have forgotten to sharpen his halberd (how many 1s did you roll? — cr0m), he finally gets the better of the Gnoll Giant and other warriors.

The war dogs make short work of archers and enemy dogs alike. Bonspiel behaves recklessly, trusting in Kor, who sends encouragement in the form of a terrible blow to the head that topples his sole cleric to the ground. Only quick action by the Curate saves the Priest.

Easy, Just Swing Lower

After the warriors are killed, a gang of juvenile delinquents emerges from a burning hut, and prove difficult to dispatch. At last, the children are laid low and the party begins looting, wary of a pack of wolves that watch them from just outside bowshot. They find two large caches of platinum, gold, silver and gems, as well as a very interesting necklace, wand, shield, battle ax and two potions. The party mounts up and high tails it to the road and thence to Restenford, before the wolves get any ideas.


After a fruitful meeting with the leader of the baron's guards and a surly wizard wearing purple robes, Parsnip, Umgax and Bonspiel decide celebration is in order. When dawn breaks, Umgax is nursing a brutal hangover, Parsnip has vague memories of the patrons of the Tavern of the East Wind attempting to ensorcel him during the evening. They have lost track of Bonspiel, who wakes in a ditch, having been beaten and robbed of all his belongings and several thousand gold pieces by the owners of the Tavern of the West Wind, including the Staff of Healing, that Bonspiel had on loan from Dalamyr.

Losses and Loot

Each PC got N gp and M xp. They also recovered these items:
Dwarven Battle Ax
Wand of Magic Missiles (Umgax)
Gnollish Necklace (magic, unknown powers)
Dwarven Shield? (+1), currently with Bonspiel until he recovers his stuff.
Two potions of healing. Dunno who took these…

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