88: The Winnipeg Serpenthelms


2 February 2012 at The Grind.


Dalamyr the wise
Columbo the short
Griswald the other short
Lurtag the mercenary
Elghila the fighting man
Landertooth the sell sword
Arm the man at arms
and Yurna the torch bearer


The great matriarch of the Serpenthelm clan, Esther Serpenthelm, extends a request and offer to Columbo and Dalamyr and then fucks them over in typical Serpenthelm fashion decides to forgive their failure and offer them an opportunity to make p for their failings.

Our Tale Begins…

A messenger comes to Columbo and Dalamyr bringing a message from Esther Serpenthelm. She will pay generously for the bodies of Merrigold, Yotl and Ixurgontris to be returned to Winnipeg where they may be interred in the family crypt or something.

Merrigold's body was stolen by dark elves but Ixurgontris and Yotl are available and so Columbo and Dalamyr pack them up and are on their way to sunny Winnipeg.

They had a fantastic boat ride and then….

They arrive in Winnipeg and are greeted by Falconhoof Serpenthelm and several other members of the family that are unnamed at this point. Falconhoof feigns shock is genuinely shocked that Merrigold's body was lost in the dread fortress Eibon. Ixurgontris' body is taken back to the house for waking (the fneral type of waking.) Yotl's corpse is thrown off the end of the dock into the awfully polluted lake. Dalamyr and Colombo enter the fabulous Chateau Serpenthelm and are introdced to Ester Serpenthelm who threatens them with de-handing and de-footing asks them to retrieve a book from beneath the wrecked temple of Andraste to the east. The reluctantly/angrily happily agree to the task.

They heat into the Eretian district of the city to hire some brave warriors and torch bearers to join them. Dalamyr outfits everyone with standard adventuring kits and they spend the night in the city far away from any Serpenthelms.

They set out down the eastern highway and have a small run in with some acolyte's of The Rigtheous Fist of Andraste which some may consider to be a fanatical cult which allegedly is lead by 1 armed cleric of Andraste. Dalamyr intimidates his way past the acolytes and they get to the temple with minimal resistance.

They hop a fence and find the temple destroyed with the bodies of clerics and monks beheaded or crucified. They search a storage building to find the wife of the former groundskeeper hiding in a closet. She tells them where the entrance to the caves beneath the temple are located and re-hide her to go search the caves.

Upon opening the caves they attract the attention of some Fist acolytes and make short work of them. They then delve into the caves where they find at least 2 factions of underground dwellers are already searching the caves. For the same book their after? It's possible. They totally are.

The party kills an elf and a couple of Derro which of course we all know are the result of interbreeding between Duemor and evil humans. They then find a supply cache and a couple of shafts which seem to be how the Derro and elves made their way into the caves. They then find a huge tapestry hanging in a room but not the 600 gold that were hidden in an alcove behind it. They were then attacked by a rust monster that of course was randomly generated. It was wounded by previous Derro attacks and they made short work of it.

Then we had to go home cause it was getting late.

Total Losses/Loot

No losses! Not even of hirelings! Dalamyr must be so psyched!

5 sets of ornate manacles
1 set of ornate, dwarf/halfling sized, unmagical half plate
a medallion which allows mental projection? sort of? You can project your thoughts into their mind but can't read theirs.

This line is important for posterity: All PCs received 356 xp and Columbo and Dalamyr each received 841 gp. Griswald didn't get any gp because he's Columbo's little brother and that's just how things are sometimes. Retainers received 178 xp.

DM was Mxlplx.

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