36: The Tomb of the Red Mummy

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This session was played on May 31st 2010.


Parsnip and Warthog take Mulyx, Ussil, two other retainers and five dogs into the sewers of Threshold, losing one retainer, one dog, and one Warthog in the process.

Upper level:
(Flamesprite Tomb from Year of the Dungeon)
Lower level:
(Pit of the Red Mummy from Year of the Dungeon)


William Parsnip; his dogs Rex II, Rex III (later Rex III, Spike); his retainers Mulyx the cleric and Ussil the elf.
Warthog the Fighting Man; his retainers Ashwood and Umgax Longshanks

First Descent

After supplying, our heroes enter into the secret passage as noted in the records of a previous adventurer. They shimmy across chains strung across a pit with rusty spikes at the bottom without incident.

Why is it always Ghouls?

Descending a spiral staircase, they find themselves in an anteroom. What was once the western entrance is filled with collapsed rock and detritus, and two wall sconces hang empty to the east, flanking a darkened corridor. With nothing of note found in the room, Warthog thinks that perhaps placing lit torches in the sconces will trigger a secret door. While an intriguing idea, this proves fruitless.

Flanked by his attendants, Parsnip leads the way down the corridor. Deciding to avoid the curse mentioned in their notes, he turns right (south). After setting up one of his alarm trip-wire traps, the proceed into the southern room, which seems to be some sort of mausoleum. Thinking perhaps that the bones of the acolytes are stored here, they begin to inspect the coffins.

It's not long before they notice something moving in the darkened recesses, and are set upon by two ghouls. Through these accursed grave denizens fail to paralyze our heroes, their shambling remains explode when vanquished, badly wounding Warthog and a couple of the dogs, as the magical fragmentation grenade of bone splinters pierce armour and rend flesh. The adjoining room seems to be some sort of record-keeping room, as several historical documents and deeds are found dating back about 300 years.

Heading through the second north exit, the party find themselves in some sort of place of worship. At the western end of the room, Parsnip investigates the ceremonial dais. Though it appears to have been adorned with things of value in the past, they are long gone. Just as he's about to give up the search, he finds a secret compartment built into lower stonework behind the dais. After spiking the doors leading to the cursed room, he ushers the party into the relative safety of the mausoleum before activating the lever. A jet of flame spews from the daemonic gaping face in the eastern stairwell, and the lever mechanism slowly resets.

Armed with his ring of Fire Resistance, Warthog feels confident he can weather the fire trap should his descent similarly trigger an immolation. The protection which the ring affords is not a strong as previously thought and he is brought to the brink of death, though still alive. It's then that it occurs to Parsnip (through divine insight) that during the time it takes the lever to reset, a second gout of flame is likely impossible. So, during the reset, Warthog rejoins his compatriots, and they decide to retreat, allowing their compatriots to heal.

Second Descent

Our adventurers pour over the various recovered documents while waiting for Warthog to recuperate. Unfortunately, they only find oblique references to what await them beyond the singular door that is spiked closed in older basalt level….

As the dogs were none too keen on being carried across the pit in a sling hanging beneath Warthog on their first descent, the party bring several 15' planks this time. Even so, one dog, Rex II is unwilling to follow his master below, and is summarily stripped of his magic collar, and replaced by Spike.

The first room beyond the hideous passageway has some sort of summoning circle or religious significance, but the meaning is beyond their ken.

Following the winding passageway to the south, they find a strange room effused with magical energy. A circular marble slab is seamlessly embedded in the floor, two golden rings seem to form a globe, partially sunken into the marble. An azure glow fills the globe. Parsnip edges carefully forward, and the glow resolves to clearly form a picture of a blue room.

Not wanting to meddle just yet with such strong magics, the party decide to investigate what lies beyond the set of foreboding doors to the west.

The Red Mummy's Pit

The doors open into a room dominated by a large pit. A second set of doors can be seen directly opposite their entrance, and well worn daemonic statue stands in the north west corner. In the 10' deep pit lies an ornate sarcophagus, and a set of doors can be seen on the north wall. Not wanting to risk being attacked from whatever lies beyond the western doors while slaying the horrors that await below, Parsnip thinks it best to investigate further before making their descent.

Caverns to the Afterlife?

The western doors turn out to be locked. Though likely for good reason, they yield to Warthog's brawn. The seamless basalt stonework in the lower temple is a stark contrast to the natural(?) cavern structure beyond. They head northwest, and are over come by a, uncanny feeling of being elsewhere. The northwest passageway soon opens up to a large cavern with several pools of water…

Then, our adventurers spot the glint of eyes in the dark, and a cacophony of hissing soon fills the air. Parsnip calls for the group to extinguish their torches, and several more pairs of eyes can now be seen, fiery embers in the pitch. Already somewhat unnerved by their passage through cavern, they retreat toward the doors, and decide to quickly investigate the southwestern passageway.

After a similar feeling of traveling elsewhere, the passage opens up to another cavern. This time, they are met by a quickly thickening mist. Parsnip brings the part to a halt, and listens for a while. He hears his sister call out to him "William? William!… come closer…" Now quite spooked, the party beat a retreat to the pit room, spiking the western doors closed, as they heard the sounds of creatures approaching from the northwest.

Parsnip calls for the party to wait 10 minutes, to see if the approaching creatures try to break through the door. The time passes uneventfully, but thinking back on their encounter in the northwest cavern, he now recalls that they were not normal cats --unless you think of a normal cat as having a gaping, fiery maw…

Confrontation with the Red Mummy

The Red Mummy lies in a sarcophagus at the bottom of a pit. He rises from his grave when anyone descends into the pit. Parsnip fights him, while Warthog lobs burning oil from above, and they discover he is the same as the exploding ghouls from the upper level.

The Mummy's Acolytes

Down a connected passageway, 3 preternaturally fast-moving, paralyzing, 3-attack, explode-on-destruction mummy acolytes confront the party for disturbing their entombed sleep. They manage to paralyze all the humans, only to have the final mummy taken down by the 3 surviving dogs. Parsnip spends an agonizing half-hour lying on the floor of the tomb before he can move enough to check on his comrades and loot a sarcophagus of its treasure.

A Lectern's Tongue Lashing

Expecting more deadly exploding paralytic mummies in the eastern room, Parsnip hacks up a sarcophagus, fashions tinder from parched mummy wrap just before the door. Warthog graciously lends Parsnip his ring of fire resistance and backs up, preparing to lob flasks of oil. The lectern, while proving resistant to mere dog bites and sword hacks, burns hot and fast, yielding gold and silver gilding.

The Third Descent

Warthog, again on the verge of death from his close encounter with the acolytes, must recuperate above ground, and seek a replacement for Ashwood.

Through the Azure Portal

Warthog sends Gimpy (Umgax) through the portal first. When he approaches the portal himself, he sees no sign of his hireling. Suddenly, a daemonic voice speaks directly into his mind, offering him his heart's desire should he free the daemon… But instead, Umgax grows preternaturally long legs and Warthog becomes an imbecile!

A Leap of Faith

Warthog, attempting to leave, comes to a room with four statues and a massive chasm in it. He discovers an invisible bridge spanning the chasm, but falls off and drowns in the underground river, before it spits him out of the waterfall in Threshold. His companions recover his body later.

Total Losses/Loot


Ashwood the retainer
Warthog's dog, Baaerk


  • Religious papers, historical records, deeds and other documents dating to about 300 years ago (assorted documents arbitrarily divided between Umgax and Parsnip)
  • 2000sp
  • 1100gp Gold Mask
  • 1000gp Torc
  • 800gp Daemonic 8-tentacled breast-plate adornment
  • 300gp Ceremonial breast plate
  • Black Spherical pendant, worn by Parsnip
  • 800gp Censer
  • 7gp melted lectern gold and silver

DM was johnstone.

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