Algol 05: The Snail Oracle

Real World Info

This session was played on December 6th, 2010, featuring:

Velouria the mutant tube-girl
Xerij'l the Morheeg scoundrel
Thuronus the Xermish
Slovad, son of Slovad
Falchon the
and Marchon the miner


A courier mission to the house of the snail goes terribly awry from the git-go. A second foray goes more promisingly.

The first attempt

Sapphire Vapour hires his favourite adventurers to deliver a message to the Snail Oracle which lives in a network of tunnels below Agogi City.

Slovad met an undignified end upon prying open a barrel of what turned out to be full of possibly radioactive, probably acidic and definitely poisonous material.

A lichen covered man-thing with empty eye sockets is encountered and Velouria makes the mistake of trying to communicate with it. It charges about swinging the axe blindly at her and Xerij'l, unable to land any blows. Unfortunately it swings about so wildly that neither of them are able to take it down either. After a couple lucky blows it fells Xerij'l and badly injures Velouria. It is finally driven away with burning oil and Velouria hobbles back to the room she's renting where she holes up for a few days to lick her wounds.

The aborted attempt

After a couple days she is willing to risk venturing back just long enough to recover Xerij'l's body, or at least the 2500gp he was carrying when he fell. Before making it beyond the first chamber she spots a group of several armed men walking about and makes a strategic retreat, deciding to come back later better prepared and with companions.

The second attempt

Accompanied by Thuronus, Falchon, and Marchon, Velouria finally dared to venture below again and seek out the house of the snail. Xerij'l's corpse is checked but any valuables, including a small fortune in gold credits, have already been looted. Notably, the transients previously seen nested near the entrance to the tunnels are missing and several extravagantly and tackily dressed vagrants had been spotted earlier spending freely on drink and women.

Many rooms and corridors are traversed essentially at random in the desperate search for anything that might point toward the Snail. Finally, at the end of a long corridor, two doors with spiral patterns are found in a chamber which is covered in a sheen of dried snail slime…



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