The Serpenthelms

Team Serpenthelm!


Archibald Serpenthelm - Hey guys! Check out the sweet telescope! I'll just look through the lens……..aaaahhhhhhhh.

Elizabeth Serpenthelm - His face? Oh, some goblins clawed it off. Then he was killed by chaos soldiers.

Ixurgontris Serpenthelm - Was a cleric of Andraste, he spread justice and rabbit magic throughout the land for about 45 minutes when he was killed by Fortress Eibon.

Merg "The Slaver" Serpenthelm - Merg was the slaver to the stars. All the most popular people bought slaves from him or they would have if he hadn't been killed in the dread fortress Eibon.

Merrigold Serpenthelm aka Sigmund Serpenthelm aka Simon Griffenhelm - "He died doing what he loved, getting stabbed by drow in a sphere of darkness"

Mlehtnepres Dlogirrem - An evil or possibly good doppleganger of Merrigold Serpenthelm. What's the opposite of neutral? Cause he might be that too.

Ranndy Serpenthelm - All Hail the Purple Worm!

Shamus Serpenthelm - Shamus was a cleric of Andraste, the god of divination, peace and rabbit magic. Unfortunately for him she couldn't keep a giant horse zombie from kicking off his arm. He decided that traveling with the Corsairs was a poor choice for a Serpenthelm. He went off to spread the word of rabbit magic in Threshhold.

Stanley Serpenthelm - was yet another of the mind-bogglingly numerous extended Serpenthelm clan. He died while trying to save the town of Yam from being invaded by Gremlins.

Stephanie Serpenthelm - The next generation sets forth.

Willingham Serpenthelm - "Behold! The treasure were looking for! Someone that isn't me should open it. I'll guard the horses!"

Yotl Serpenthelm - An unfriendly dwarf that was some sort of unpaid servant for the Serpenthelm family. He lasted a solid twenty minutes adventuring with Colombo's Corsairs before he was ultimately lead to his death.

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