104: The Opposite of Gravediggers


2 June 2014 at Kafka's.


Jazz Hand(s)


Jazz Hand digs up the greatest of evils, then the greatest of goods, and recovers his lost hand.

Digging Up the Devil

Jazz Hand hires a guy named Chang to be his digger. They wander around some, trying to use the magical compass to find treasure, but all they find is a criminal on the run. Jazz Hand offers to hire the guy, but he doesn't trust him, so he and Chang take turns keeping an eye out.

Finally, they find a body, at the end of a mysterious trail. It turns out to be a horrible vampire lord! The criminal is killed and the vampire lord flies off in the form of a giant, flaming bat. He's flaming because it's the daytime.

Jazz Hand and Chang look for a bit of rock in the middle of the river to sleep on that night. They hear screams and the howls of wolves, but are themselves unmolested.

On the Side of the Angels

The next day, they go north to see if they can find where the vampire is sleeping and, with any luck, kill it. They find a large tomb and sure enough, the compass says someone lies below. They dig through the dirt and a giant stone slab, but instead of a vampire, they unearth a saint of the Church of Law, who comes back to life in the form of an angel! They tell the saint about the evil vampire, and he swears to rid the world of it.

The angel saint destroys the magical compass and restores Jazz Hand's missing arm. He then travels north, co-opts the army the Church of Law sent to destroy the shadow dragon and leads them against the vampire and anyone else who defies the Divine Law. He's pretty judgy, though, so Jazz Hands and Chang leave his company and return to adventuring.

Total Losses/Loot

The life of a criminal.
A magical compass.

One hand, which can glow in the dark.
One vampire lord, now risen.
One saint, in the form of an angel.

DM was johnstone.

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