90: The Ongoing Assault on the Alchemical Profession


16 February 2012 at The Grind.


Holga, grand wizard and high priestess of the Purple Worm God.
Ranndy Serpenthelm, ambivalent anti-hero.


The purple worm cult decides to do a favour for one of two freelance alchemists in Ormok. They investigate the house of a "missing" sorcerous type, find the owner dead and his basement full of monsters and weirdness, and decide to raid the place and get rid of witnesses.

Hockstein the Alchemist

He was a rival alchemist, but he hired the wrong pair of cultists.

The House of Xoth-Ragar or: Sexy Adventure Times Underground

Since I forgot to write this up, there is an alternate summary here. The house got wrecked, man.

Total Losses/Loot

I'll get to it. Or not.

DM was johnstone.

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