06: The Kobolds Strike Back

Real World Info

This session was played on June 19, 2009.

Featuring Twindle Dwelf (Sr.), Tyrel (Pthffft)nus(tweet)stle, Kugel and the retainers Nose, Ears, Teeth and Big Red.


An Elf returns with her companions to the Caves of Chaos, but disaster strikes when they are overrun by giant rats, fall victim to a pit trap and are chased away by a mob of kobolds.

I. Investigating the garbage

The party approaches at dawn again, and after making sure the tree is clear of kobold ambushers, enter the cave. They turn left at an intersection and find a giant rat rooting around a room full of garbage. The retainers stab it with their spears and probe the refuse while Dwelf and Tyrel cover their rear.

II. The bums rush

The probing drives a swarm of giant rats into the ranks of the retainers, who are surrounded in an instant. Meanwhile a mob of kobolds charge out of the darkness and are felled by the Elves' arrows before they can fling their spears, but more are coming up behind them.

Kugel and the retainers make short work of the rats, so while the retainers mop up the remaining vermin, he and Teeth run to help the Elves, falling in a pit trap whose lid slams shut, trapping them below!

III. Trapped!

The Elves yell for help, but neglect to mention the pit, so both Ears and Nose fall to their deaths. However, the quick-thinking Kugel grabs the lid and holds it open so Teeth can climb out. Unfortunately the raised lid cuts off the Elves' escape, and Dwelf dies, pierced by many spears. Tyrel uses his Charm spell to sow confusion in the kobold ranks, buying enough time to toss flaming oil and make his escape.

IV. Run away… run away…

The party flees back to the dwarf road, but not before a stray spear catches Kugel in the back, killing the already weakened fighter. They return to Threshold saddened by the loss of one of the few veterans of the Expedition to the Lost Mine.

V. Total losses/loot

18 giant rats, 8 kobolds and one kobold lieutenant were killed, along with Kugel, Dwelf and the retainers Nose and Ears.

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