05: The Kaves of Kobolds

Real World Info

This session was played on June 19, 2009.

Featuring Twindle Dwelf (Sr.) and the retainers Nose, Ears and Teeth.


An Elf hires three retainers and surprises a number of kobolds outside their lair at the Caves of Chaos. Quick arrow work and a timely Sleep spell win the day, but the Elf is reluctant to enter the kobold cave and retreats with only a handful of silver pieces to show for it.

I. The Caves of Chaos

A recent arrival in Threshold, Dwelf hears rumors of the Caves of Chaos somewhere within Sentinel Wood. Despite the imminent arrival of her companions, she hires the noseless laborer "Nose", the toothless ex-mercenary "Teeth", and a strange fellow she names "Ears" for his prosthetic elf ears.

II. Kobold Lair

The party heads Northwest and finds a narrow ravine dotted with caves just off the old dwarf road. Dwelf chooses one of the lower caves and approaches at first light, spotting a number of suspicious nests in a large tree overhanging the entrance. She lends Teeth her bow and he shoots at one, killing a kobold hiding within. The other kobolds leap up in time to fall to their deaths when Dwelf casts Sleep.

III. Almost earned your rations today!

Dwelf persuades Ears to creep close to the cave and search the bodies, and the retainer is nearly spitted by a spear thrown from the entrance. Teeth and Dwelf drive off the kobolds long enough for Ears to collect a modest take of silver pieces, but the party quickly retreats to Threshold, feeling anxious without Dwelf's spell.

IV. Total losses/loot

Eight kobolds were killed and 28 silver pieces were recovered, along with several crude spears.

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