33: The Iron Golem's Gold

This session was played on Monday, May 17th, at Waves on Broadway at Spruce.

Parsnip, Gamgar, and corporal-kaffshyth picnic in the woods west of Threshold, and loot the Reliquary of the Iron Golem.

Let's Not Go to the Cemetery

The three companions discover a cemetery with seemingly hand- or claw-dug holes and other evidence recent soil-relocation engineering projects. They decide to walk around this strange place and pursue the ruined temple.

The Dead Shall Walk the Earth

They follow spirits to the entrance of the temple. Inside, they find lines of powdered lead along the floor, guiding the spirits.

Demons and More Demons

They fight a man made of blobby red and black wax, then discover a pair of demons in the main temple room! The demons summon another pair of blob-men while the party attempts to parley with them. Finally, Gamgar tires of their insincere diplomacy, and begins to fire crossbow quarrels at them. Floria puts the blob-men to Sleep, and our three brave heroes destroy the demons, with Corporal Kaffshyth's pack of eight attack dogs fighting valiantly.

The Monastic Cell

Gamgar checks a small room which appears to be a monastic cell, but fails to retrieve the Linen That Never Soils from the skeleton in the bed.

Loot and Losses

The party stole 80gp worth of gold wrappings from the Iron God's Eisengolem, got 50gp for a troll-made totem pole they found on the way to the temple, and took two iron podiums worth 80gp each from the temple.

PCs earned 418xp, and retainers earned 209xp.

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