69: The Hole in the Hill

This session played Saturday, 10 September 2011, at Waves on Broadway.


Colonel Kaffshyth, the flamboyant wizard-killing officer.
Marshmurk Muckmirth, the cleric of Tsathoggua.
Merrigold Serpenthelm, of the Winnipeg Serpenthelms.
Elizabeth Serpenthelm, also of the Winnipeg Serpenthelms.

On the northern shore of the Barony of Restenford, shepherds and merchants have been reporting goblin attacks.

the captain of the Baron's guards offers a reward, and the Serpenthelm Adventuring Company gladly accepts the commission, and brings his cousin Elizabeth along, who has recently arrived from the Sword Coast. The party hires a halfling named Dingo and a man named Vexor to carry lanterns and perish horribly underground, then heads up into the hills.

They soon find a hillside that has collapsed, revealing a hidden room.

Marshmurk Muckmirth and his Silver Tounge

Immediately upon entering the cave/ruins/temple/whatever, the adventurers using the patented "to the left, to the left" failure proof exploration strategy, come across lots of garbage. So much garbage in fact they soon realize that there are three goblins sleeping in some of it. Marshmurk Muckmirth, being arguably the most charismatic chaotic cleric ever, chats up the three goblins and has them agree to set up a parlay with their Chieftan/Leader/King/whatever. Merrigold, under his cloak of invisibility, assumes, as he does not speak chaotic, Muckmirth is setting the goblins up for a cunning ambush. He wasn't. Nor was Merrigold's ambush cunning. It was as poorly executed an ambush as had ever been attempted by anyone in any dungeon on any plane of existence in any reality.

Much to the dismay of Muckmirth and Kaffshyth, the friendly goblins counter attack and are put down after a decisive battle. Needless to say the chaotic contingent of the party is annoyed at the neutralese behavior of Merrigold but tempers calm when it turns out that one of the goblins had an enchanted mace for Muckmirth… and an enchanted shield for Merrigold. It turns out there was also 500 gold in that room as well. Assuming that there couldn't possibly be any other hidden secrets in this room the party moves on.

The Rather Discerning Spores

After a quick left out of the room the party walks past some rather chaotic looking fungus on the wall. It releases a cloud of spores as Merrigold passes which both Muckmirth and Kaffshyth find mildy annoying and Vexor finds finds extremely deadly as he drops dead on the spot. Merrigold and Kang the climbing hound also find the spores rather bothersome as a great deal of their lifeorce is sucked away by the deathly cloud. Dingo and Kang with the other dogs were unwilling to cross the deadly spores and decided to wait outside and have a lovely time out in the sun. Elizabeth decided to wait in the tunnel alone like a dumbass, on the chance anyone needed him to cast sleep.

Fortunately for everyone, the spores brought forward some orcs(I think) to investigate what or whom had set off the chaotic spores. After a few friendly words and a small bribe from the chaotic contingent and no surprise attack from Merrigold, our heroes…adventurers were pointed toward the Orc Cheiftan. Down to sets of stairs they found 40ish sleeping goblins. The party backed up the stairs as the Goblins started toward them. Merrigold oiled the stairs and set some of the chasing goblins on fire. A few arrows, and couple dead goblins and a citizens arrests by Muckmirth and it was time to retreat.

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