61: The Hag and the Hellmouth

Real World Info

This session was played at Waves on May 10 2011, featuring:

Ranndy Serpenthelm
Gorflaxx the goblin chieftain
Orgzgdz the ogre
Stabby the goblin
Choppy the goblin
Pokey the goblin
Gumby the goblin

This adventure was based on the one-page dungeon Cry of the Gravegod, by Heron Prior.


The purple worm cult bolster their ranks and seize control of a hellmouth.


Holga prays to the purple worm god for minions and is given a vision of a goblin hole in the woods near the purple worm temple. The goblins are fellow worm worshippers and amiable to an alliance but have a Monster Problem(tm) which must be solved.

Holga charms the ogre which was causing grief for the goblins, plans are made for a worm cult migration northward, and a second expedition to take over the hellmouth is launched.


Holga and Ranndy and co. waste no time making their way back down to the petrified forest where they quickly slay the naga (at the cost of two goblins) which the elf ghost was complaining about. They continue deeper and deeper until they are confronted by a terrible hag riding a monstrous fiery goat. The goat badly burns the ogre and the resolve of our heroes wavers but they rally and defeat the hag and her beast with no loss of life.

The killing blow is struck by Pokey who earns the right to a real name. He is dubbed Pokewell Pokington (?)


After a divine vision, Holga signals Ranndy to kill the already wounded ogre. He is struck down from behind and his brains and blood are used to perform the ritual which allows the purple worm god to assume control of the hellmouth.

Kills and Deaths

  • Naga (175xp)
  • Hag (500xp)
  • Goat (50xp)
  • Ogre (125xp)
  • Choppy and Stabby the goblins


  • naga's jeweled collar (400gp)
  • hag's gems (300gp)
  • hag's magic book
  • heap of jewelry (4100gp)
  • handful of coins and gems swiped from offerings bowl (5gp)
  • +2 shield of knightly valour

All PCs received 2825 xp and 1600 gp. The goblins were also given 1600gp.

The Hag's Spellbook

Level 1: Enlarge, Floating Disc.
Level 2: Hideous Laughter, Wizard Lock.
Level 3: Blink, Detect Illusion.
Level 4: Growth of Plants, Wizard Eye.
Level 5: Animate Dead, Cloudkill.
Level 6: Geas, Stone to Flesh.

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