38: The Doom of Shul Hazadar

Real World Info

This session was played on June 13 2010, and then somebody obviously put a lot of effort into writing it up for this wiki.


Shul-Hazadar is found and defeated.


William Parsnip, his dogs, plus his retainer Mulyx the cleric.
Emelio Tog the mage and his retainers Reynil Thorsson (of Glar) and Shaz Medinkle.
Ben Spiffy and his retainer Sundarr the barbarian
Eluria and Dierdre
Dalamyr of the Owl

Hairy Gnolls


The Fight in the Pool Room


It's a Gas!


Into the Catacombs

The secret of the dagger.
Dogs won't go down, except for one

Blood Basin

The curse


…and then a portcullis

The West Wing

covered in slimy sludge

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

The room with the wind trap

Lair of Shul-Hazadar


Total Losses/Loot


Ben Spiffy and Sundarr


400 XP for retainers
800 XP for PCs.

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