93: The Bandits of Spider Valley


26 April 2012 at the Grind.


The Purple Worm Cult!


The Purple Worm Cult leaves Ormok and travels north to a small valley to kill some bandits and take their phat lootz.

Escape from Ormok

With house-to-house searches being conducted in order to root out the Purple Worm Cult, Holga and the other worm-lovers are rescued by Cosgrove, an old man with secrets. He leads them to a secret passage leading out of the city, and they head north.

The Skeleton Man

They stop at an inn called the Skeleton Man, which is decorated by many large paintings of people with skulls for faces. The proprietress, Madame Coulomb, calls them some of here more distinguished clients. The bartenders Islington and Patrick provide some details about the local surroundings. The inn is rather expensive.

The Valley of Spiders

The cult hears about some problems the local merchants have been experiencing lately. There is a giant metal dragon on the loose, and there are some bandits nearby. Cosgrove says the Purple Worm God had sent him to locate them because they are holed up in an important tomb.

The worm cult sets out for the valley, where they find the entrance to the tomb, carefully marked by a sleeping bandit guard. The various bandits are slain, a secret door is revealed, and skeletons are fought.

Total Losses/Loot

Some money. and all PCs received 1042xp. Retainers received 521xp.

DM was johnstone.

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