02: The Asteroid Incident cont'd


13 November 2014 at Kafka's.


Martholemew Manticore, prince of Mars
Bamf, psychic hermit
Johnstone, dude with shotgun


Many NPCs met unfortunate fates

A dozen miners meet their maker(s)

1. Bamf shot one of the miners who was submerged in the alien pool "just to see what would happen". What happened was he writhed and thrashed while his blood was siphoned out by the pool, then he died.

2. Johnstone fired at one of the miners in the shuttle through a window with a shotgun. The miner was hit in the hand and face, fatally.

3. When the shuttle explosively decompressed one of the miners was trapped against the blown out window where he was killed by the pressure. He was then blown apart by a shotgun blast at close range.

4, 5. Two sedated miners in the shuttle sickbay died when the shuttle's atmosphere was vented.

6, 7, 8. After Marth threw an exposed power crystal into the pool causing it to violently react, Bamf shot the remaining miners submerged within.

9. Bamf shot Tassos the leader of the miners in the eye because he was lurking in the shadows like a creep.

10, 11. Sam, Johnstone and finally Bamf collaborated to blow open the shuttle cockpit with a shaped charge. The two miners who were hiding within were killed when the atmosphere vented.

12. Sam was presumably held in solitary confinement for an unspecified period of time, and never seen or heard from again. He probably survived to mine again another day but probably died eventually as is the inexorable fate of all mortal men.

Total Losses/Loot

All loot was confiscated by the cops. >:(
All PCs received a level worth of xp.

DM was none other than the illustrious cr0m.

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