01: The Asteroid Incident


05 May 2014 at Kafka's.


Martholemew Manticore, a prince of Mars
Bamf, psychic hermit


The year is 3014. Sociopathic corporations still dominate humanity in the bleak capitalist nightmare existence which is human colonized space. A couple freelancers, despite knowing better, accept some suspiciously vague work from a corporation to investigate an asteroid mining operation gone awry.

Some Stuff Happened

Things are super awry.

It's remarkably lucky we never took off our vaac-suits.

Some More Specific Stuff Happened

Marth and Bamf are hired to respond to a distress call from a secret asteroid mining operation. They are directed to 1. secure the operation site 2. secure company property and 3. secure any remaining miners (in that order). They are pointedly not told about what is being mined.

When they get to the asteroid they find a crashed spaceship surrounded by dead miners and a mining camp with half a dozen miners who are trapped indoors by the harsh vacuum of space which is outdoors.

Our heroes salvage a space suit from the dead miners around the space suits which the surviving miners can use to travel to the shuttle, for evacuation/rescue. They are unnerved by the miners who speak with a strange flat affect and are weirdly compliant and so they tie them all up with zap straps in the shuttle's supply room, so they dont get up to any funny business.

With the miners safely stored on the shuttle they venture into the mine itself which is largely comprised of a large installation of non-human origin. There are more dead miners and a large pool of strange clear liquid with four more miners in it, and one living miner who attacks Marth and Bamf until they are able to subdue him with their incredible diplomacy.

The crazy miner guy has everything wired to explode but Martholemew and Bamf sort of win his trust and they decide to …


Total Losses/Loot

No one died, not even any npcs!

not much loot, except a horrifyingly dangerous glass jar of liquid alien intelligence of unknown market value.

DM was cr0m !!

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