68: The Amira's Necklace

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This session was played on Saturday, 3 September 2011, at Waves on Broadway.


Jarel, the cleric of law.
Blessimon, the cleric of law.
Merrigold Serpenthelm of the Serpenthelm Adventuring Company, Inc. and his famous dogs.
Nebarr and Ameesh, men-at-arms who work for the Amir.


Merrigold and his two newest recruits hire Nebarr and Ameesh, warriors from the Mysterious East, who tell of a stolen necklace and the Amir's generous reward. Our heroes enter a ruined temple and retrieve it.

I. No-shirt + big sword = perfect!

The party meets Nebarr and Ameesh while looking for recruits. These fellows are seeking adventurers to retrieve a necklace stolen from the Amir, a very wealthy fellow from the Mysterious East who has a vacation home in Threshold (there's no accounting for some tastes). Invoking their relish for death, coupled with their total disdain for armor, the retainers quickly convinces the party that these are the just the men we're looking for. Apparently the necklace was stolen when a massive, giant sized bronze arm and hand came into the Amir's home and stole it! The party loves the sound of that!

II. Marbleous!

The party approaches the ruined temple following the directions provided by the Easterners. The place is a mess, but does have some nice pieces of marble which the clerics of Law drool over (just a bit). The party discovers a set of steps and proceed to enter the underground.

III. That's not how you do a Eucharist!

Stepping along a 10' corridor, the party enters a room and spots a bunch of black-cloaked fellows murmuring whilst surrounding a dias whereupon a man lies in bindings. The black-cloak leader stands ready to stab this man, who espies the party and shouts for help! Unfortunately his gag renders his shout to be more of a muffled affair. Nevertheless the party dashes forward, except for Merrigold who sneaks to the side and prepares a backstab! After a short skirmish which kills one of the Easterners (Was it Ameesh? Nebarr? Honestly, who could tell them apart?) and all of the black-cloaked fellows, including one with a bejeweled 2-handed sword that Merrigold pockets afterwards. The bound man turns out to be Nico Demmus, a nobleman from Threshold who was recently kidnapped from the alehouse in Threshold. He agrees to come along and help fight these foul acolytes! Huzzah!

IV. Arm-y Doors

The group continues along the passageway, discovering several doors that have a strange device upon them: a mouth-like slot and an arm-like appendage. The arm is set in the position of one doing an arm-wrestle. The doors also have a sign on them stating that they would open for the generous or the strong. Being ungenerous and unstrong, the clerics look to Merrigold. Merrigold, being only ungenerous, arm-wrestles the doors with a little help from his ogre gauntlets, which opens the doors quite nicely.

V. Hooves your Daddy?

The party enters another room and runs into three foul smelling, foul looking undead horses who demand money to allow us to pass. Clearly not getting the memo about us being ungenerous, the party hacks up the party, except for Nico Demmus, who apparently couldn't find his way to the melee until the very end (oops). The other Easterner dies here, but both Merrigold and Jarel get in a couple critical hits that kill one horse and somehow or other the other horses died too. Huzzah! After the horses died they really smelled up the place, but not enough for Jarel not to decide to dig out a passage in this room. 40 minutes later, a passage is found that leads to the surface.

VI. Little people

The party continues and discovers a very strange room. On the ceiling, a painted sun. On the walls, painted sky. And in the room: a miniature version of Threshold, populated with little people. Jarel quickly discerns that this must be some sort of battle plan for attacking Threshold. This is quickly discerned to be wrong when it is noted that the town is not up to date. The little people aren't very helpful, except to say that several black cloaked folk passed through their town some time ago and headed east. They also explained how to walk through their town without crushing any buildings or people, but apparently Merrigold's dogs don't follow directions well.

VII. Eye see you

The party heads east into the next room and find themselves looking at a 15' tall iron pillar covered in eyes. The eyes open up and look at the party. The party looks at the eyes. The necklace is noted being clasped around the pillar. Meanwhile, a group of black-cloaked fellows surrounding and praying to the pillar turn around and look at the party. This dispels the idea that these are fellows, as they turn out to be albino crocodilemen with no eyes. Their lack of eyes is made up for by their total dislike of light sources, such as the necklace around one of Merrigold's dogs. Or at least we thought until they opened their mouths to reveal they have tongues in the shape of little baby heads, which open their eyes and stare at us. Hilarity ensues!

Blessimon, Nico Demmus and the dogs attack the crocodiles. Jarel tries to stab out the eyes, which turn out to be painted on (but which can still move…clearly a wizard did it!). Blessimon decides to try to take the necklace off the pillar, but his dexterity is not up to the task. Jarel decides to help, but his dexterity is no good either. Blessimon goes back to help with the fight while Jarel (o' the two hitpoints) perhaps wisely decides to keep fiddling with the necklace.

Merrigold and his dogs and Blessimon manage to kill off the crocodiles, each of which dissolve into a puddle of smelly acid stuff.

Jarel finally manages to get the necklace off the pillar and the party decides to book it return the necklace to its rightful owner and egress via the dug-out passageway.

VIII. Return to Threshold

The party returns to Threshold at 2 am and have to wait for the guards of the Amir to give over the reward. The wait being over, they get the money, which Merrigold allows to be split between the two clerics (OK maybe he's generous after all - just don't tell anyone).


  • Silver necklace (returned to Amir and rewarded 800 gp)
  • bejeweled 2hded sword (200 gp)

This line is important for posterity: All PCs received ~320 xp. The clerics shared 400 gp. Merrigold took the sword. Both retainers died. Nico Demmus went home.

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