18: Team Eldar vs King Spider

Real World Info


This session was played on Feb 5, 2010.

Cast of characters:

Boolean with Warthog the mercenary
Dalamyr the nigh-invincible cleric of Wisdom.
Feralion the randy elf and his retainers Malai Kofta the wicked and Helvetica, a comely elf with a bounty on her head.
Viktor the expert cartographer.


More rooms and monsters are explored on the second level of the Keep of Koralgesh

I. Enter Feralion

An old friend of the clan Wyrmsight joins the dungeon delver's camp, bringing with him his entourage of a dwarven lady smith named Grimantha, Jackdaw the halfling tween, Maths the actress, Helvetica the elf who is eager to get out of town under less than savoury circumstances, and a lumbering dark knight by the name of Malai Kofta. He brings Malai Kofta and Helvetica with him to join Dalamyr and Viktor along with Boolean and his hireling Warthog in this next day's expedition.

II. In Koralgesh, Gelatin Eats YOU!

Continuing into the unexplored corridors, Boolean and Malai Kofta get stuck in some kind of mobile, gelatinous cube. The cube sucks Boolean into it's bulk and eats away the halfling's flesh before the rest of the group can pierce, cut and burn it to death. Warthog picks up Boolean's possessions, as was their agreement.

III. The Inaccessible Vault & the Secret Elevator

After trying unsuccessfully to force the doors that the cube seemed to be guarding (and waiting for the poison to work through Viktor's system after triggering a door handle trap), the party finds an elevator that goes down to the giant cask room near the dungeon's entrance on the bottom floor.

IV. I Am Curious Yellow.

A room full of crates & barrels is covered with a yellow, cottonlike material. The heroes burn everything away but as they wait the giant crawling worm-thing returns!] It paralyzes Dalamyr and tries to drag him away, but the heroes kill it. After Dalamyr recovers several minutes later the group continues to explore the yellow room when they hear noises coming from back in the corridor. A giant spider is feeding on the crawler corpse! The elves muster in the dark and chase it away with arrows.

V. The Ghoulish Mess


The Kitchen has been overrun by some kind of bestial, canine deathly humanoids! One of them manages to run off in the dark but luckily the group finds some gems in the fire pit.

VI. Gaol of the Wailing Damned

In a dungeon, several cells are occupied with skeletal figures chained to the wall. When the group enters, ghostly apparitions rise from the skeletons, float to the bars and grasp them, wailing "free me!" in high trembling voices. Viktor finds 8 sets of chains hanging from an adjacent torture chamber and Feralion finds a set of keys. When they open the cells and release the manacles from the skeletons the apparitions fade away, though the voices linger for a time.

VII. Lair of the Stink-Lizards


The next room bears a terrible stink, and upon opening the door the group attacks a pair of musky intelligent reptiloids. Before they are slain, one of the lizardesque humanoids rends Dalamyr to the very edge of death. After finding the monsters' hoard the group decides to retire to camp to lick their wounds.

VIII. Total losses/loot

Two ghouls 50 xp
1 giant spider 125xp
2 troglodytes 50xp

three 500gp pearls
one 10 gp turquoise
regular wooden shields
933 sp
a magic user's scroll with 2 spells
a medallion of ESP (Feralion)

Each surviving PC earned 360 xp and 403 gold, Each surviving retainer earned 180 xp and bupkis!

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