77: Swords Against Darkness is Not Enough

This session was played on 17 November 2011 at Waves on Broadway.


Floria Viperhearted, the witch-child.
Columbo Bumble, everybody's favorite halfling.
Sigmund Serpenthelm Simon Griffinhelm, cleric of Talldor Orderon.
Mern the Blue, luckless wizard.
Ballard, handsome and charismatic fighter.


Columbo's Corsairs hire some mercenaries to invade the fortress with them, but after a fight with frogs and gnolls, only twenty per cent of them return alive. A second expedition sees them bringing along a street-sweeper instead of armed men, but when they attempt to seize a worthless little item that has great significance to Black Peaks characters but would mean nothing to anybody playing on a Sunday, "the Loud One" is enveloped in darkness, repeatedly stabbed, and dragged off to some unknown fate by invisible foes.

A certain pair of mercenaries give a slightly different account here.

A certain poor broomslinger gives a third account here.


The Corsairs all hear different, often ridiculous rumours about Fortress Eibon while they mill about making plans, eating kebabs, and maintaining the tools of their trade. Adventurers hobknob with all sorts of unsavory folks, and the unsavory like to gossip as much as anyone.

Floria is told that there are secret areas within the fortress and that all the animals inside are unnatural beings. Floria, who has been inside the fortress and seen the sorts of giant, psychic mind-invading slugs that live there, is unimpressed. It is only common sense that there would be secrets in such a structure, and Floria is resolved to build them into her own fortress when she grows up to be an evil, insane sorceress one day.

More productively, and an instrumental lesson in how greedy our heroes are, Floria hears that Scalesplitter, the sword that the hero Thorok used to slaughter the serpent-things lies within Fortress Eibon. Nobody seems to know who it was who took it in there, but when Columbo tells a story about there being a giant diamond in the fortress, the Corsairs decide to look for that great fortune instead of some stupid sword, with disastrous consequences. Such are the hard lessons of Fortress Eibon!


DM was Planet Algol.

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