41: Stonehell Round One

This session was played on July 14th, 2010, at Waves on Broadway.


William Parsnip and his two dogs.
Floria Khazam and her two dogs, Samwick and Durwick.

Snorri the Scholarly Dwarf

While poking around the various corridors leading away from the great spiral staircase, our doughty duo find Snorri the Dwarf. Along with his companions, he is exploring Stonehell in order to research the work of early Dwarven builders. He proves friendly, and the two groups agree to keep an eye out for each other and trade information.

The Room of Doom

Parsnip and Floria find one particular room, full of bones, that becomes stirred by an unknown, inconceivable wind when they enter. A voice booms, threatening them with doom. Parsnip nails the doors open, but cannot remove the rusted portcullis from the third doorway.

Oh, Rats!!! Kobolds!!!

Behind a stuck door they find garbage and giant rats. After dispatching the rats, they discover the rathole that provides them access to this room, and the horde of silver hidden there. But rats provide only one of many types of hordes to be found in Stonehell, and our intrepid heroes soon discover a group of kobolds re-setting a dart trap. Floria casts a sorcerous sleep across the kobolds' eyes, and they are quickly dispatched like vermin. Samwick takes the dart trap apart with a hammer and crowbar.

A Talking Stone Head

Behind a door stinking of sulphur the duo finds a giant stone head that solicits visitors to ask three questions, which he then answers. Floria and Parsnip ask about treasure, and finally get a location from the head, which lies just outside of Stonehell…

Even More Stoned

These adventurers soon encounter another masonic decoration: a statue of a lizardman, holding a bowl full of coins. Samwick is less than impressed when he triggers a trap and rocks fall on his head.

One Man's Treasure is Not the Same as Kobold Treasure

More kobolds appear, but these ones are carrying sacks full of loot. Parsnip demands the loot, in exchange for their lives. The kobolds refuse, and are separated from their lives. Their "treasure" turns out to be bat guano, however.

Violent Bathtub Lizard

In the caves, a giant lizard falls from the ceiling, attacking one of Parsnip's dogs, but it, too, falls victim to his bloodthirsty weapons.

A Dead Man's Chest

Having lost one retainer to the dungeon, they decide to camp for the night. Before retiring, however, they dig around a little, following the stone head's advice, and discover a chest full of gold! Dragons are not the only creatures to sleep better on a bed made of gold, after all.

Wheel of (Mis) Fortune

One rooms proved to have some sort of magic wheel in it. Samwick, the party's door-opener, is elected to spin the wheel. He balks, until offered more money. When he finally spins the wheel, it produces a huge ruby for him, by magic! His confidence buoyed by this good fortune, he attempts to leave the party on the spot. Parsnip is so enraged by this, he cuts Samwick down where he stands, vowing that no hireling with his party shall leave the dungeon early.

A Tunnel and a Troll

Upon returning to Stonehell, they remove two ornate wooden doors, carved with cavorting and debauched scenes of Chaos. Behind the doors is a series of stone crypts, lining a long passageway. The duo loot these until being overwhelmed by a horde of giant rats, and deciding to flee. Unfortunately, they find that the kobolds have left a surprise for them. A troll is blocking the exit! When it does not fall victim to Floria's magical spells, Parsnip pours Carion Crawler venom on his weapons. His ploy is successful, and he is able to chop the troll into small pieces and burn them with oil before laving the dungeon again.


Two retainers and one dog perish.

The party killed:
10 giant rats
17 kobolds
1 giant lizard
1 troll

And recovered:
3,600 silver pieces
2 gems worth 25gp each
334 copper pieces
A golden, bejeweled tiara worth 1,100gp (now worn by Floria)
6,000 gold pieces
A ruby worth 750gp
A golden armlet worth 400gp
And a scroll with three spells: Ventriloquism, Lightning Bolt, Detect Invisible.

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