03: Second Expedition to the Lost Mine (cont.)

Real World Info

This continuation of the previous session was played on May 7, 2009.

Featuring Barry Fancypants, Flapgar Trundlebig, Sly Naptastic, Gamgar Khazam and four retainers, plus Sandra, Talon and the retainers Quimby and Ralph.


The original party tires of waiting, so Flapgar explores further and meets Sandra, Talon, their retainers and Weevil, the deposed Goblin King, escaping from captivity. The groups join forces and proceed to annihilate the goblins and assault the throne room. The Elf charms the fearsome Gorilla Warface before he can attack, and the party retreats, taking a small fortune in silver back to the surface.

I. Prison break

Talon, Sandra and their retainers find themselves imprisoned with Weevil, the former king, recently deposed by his war leader Gorilla Warface. The adventurers promise to kill the usurper and return Weevil to power in return for the goblin treasure hoard, which Weevil hid before his betrayal.

II. You look trustworthy, stranger! Get in line behind the mage.

Flapgar introduces himself and the two groups form one super-party. The escapees improvise weapons out of old furniture and Weevil leads everyone toward the throne room, where they run into Gamgar at the head of a goblin patrol.

III. The big sleep

Gamgar quickly betrays his goblin allies and the fighters charge, led by Flapgar, who picks up a goblin and flings him into the air. Sly casts a spell that puts all but a few stragglers to sleep, and Barry makes sure that they never wake up. Flapgar takes a goblin captive. Talon and Sandra chase down Weevil, who swears the Halfling was trying to kill him. The Elf presses Weevil for information about the treasure and breaks his arm during the interrogation, suggesting a strong chaotic bent to his character.

IV. Talon's new BFF

Flapgar's captive manages to get Weevila to open the door to the harem, but when the party advances through the curtain, the massive Goblin King brandishes a mighty axe and attacks.

Luckily, Talon speaks a few potent syllables and Warface lowers his weapon and swears eternal friendship to the Elf. He leads Sandra, Talon and their retainers to a distant storeroom to retrieve their belongings. Meanwhile, Weevil tells Sly where to find a huge diamond as a reward for reuniting him with his Queen. Gamgar, Barry, Sly and Flapgar decide to high tail it to Threshold, followed close behind by their recent allies.

VIII. Total losses/loot

Fourteen goblins were killed and Gorilla Warface defeated. 2,020 silver pieces and a 5gp gem were recovered.

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