02: Second Expedition to the Lost Mine

Real World Info

This adventure was played on April 24, 2009.

Featuring: Barry Fancypants, Flapgar Trundlebig, Sly Naptastic, Gamgar Khazam and the retainers Millhouse, Nelson, Otto Man at Arms and Peewee. We ran out of time and ended in the dungeon, continuing a few weeks later.


A small army of adventurers and retainers retrace the steps of an earlier party exploring The Lost Mine. They cross the bridge without any casualties, where one of their number goes alone to seek an audience with the Goblin King, leaving his companions fighting off stirges in the dark.

I. Evidence of an earlier party

They explore the entrance tunnels and find them stripped of loot by an earlier party of adventurers. They suspect the corpses buried in shallow graves are evidence of fighting between Dwarf slaves and their goblin masters.

II. The Sly Napstastic experience (feat: Nelson)

While the Dwarves investigate some collapsed scaffolding in a large room, scouts hear the approach of acolytes of the Frog God. Sly scores a direct hit with flaming oil and the fight turns into a rout. Stab, stab, stab and the party gains three suits of slightly distressed plate mail.

III. The bridge

Most of the party cross the bridge without alerting the goblins, who are drinking and celebrating. A lone sentry manages to loose three demon birds before being picked off by Barry, but Nelson's quick spear-work takes care of them. Meanwhile, Gamgar parlays with the goblins and is led deeper into the mine for an audience with the Goblin King, leaving the rest of the party waiting in the dark.

IV. Total losses/loot

Six acolytes and three stirges were killed.

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