The following magic-user scrolls have been recovered from dungeons in and around the Black Peaks area:

From the Lost Mine:
"A soggy spellbook" (Escape from the Lost Mine).

From the Keep of Koralgesh:
Ventriloquism scroll (Fire and Water).
Charm, invisibility (Team Eldar vs King Spider).
Protection from Lycanthropes (Bed Bath and Beyond).
Phantasmal Force (copied) and Detect Invisibility (copied) (Into the Vault).
Magic Missile (copied), Knock, and Levitate (Into the Vault).

From the Church of Stryxis:
Drago's Arcane Scroll, which contains Stone to Flesh, Tongues, and Dispel Magic (Owl Quest).

From Quasqueton:
Sleep (The Halls of Quasqueton).
Read Languages (Diamond of the Zombie King).
Web (copied) (Anastasia's Lament).

From Stonehell:
Ventriloquism (copied), Lightning Bolt, and Detect Invisible (Stonehell Round One).

From Bone Hill:
Scroll: Comprehend Languages (copied), Enlarge, Continual Light (copied), Magic Mouth (copied).
Spell Book: (?)

From the Tower of the Stargazer:
Four scrolls: Charm Person, Enlarge (copied), Feather Fall (copied), Fly.
A spellbook: Identify, Message (copied), Shield, Detect Magic, Ventriloquism, Locate Object (copied), Mirror Image (copied), Protection From Normal Weapons.

From the tower at Wooford:
A scroll Gamgar Fights the Ghouls

Clerical scrolls recovered from Koralgesh:
Detect Magic (used) and Protection from Evil (copied) (Into the Vault).
"Some other stuff" (Into the Vault).

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