56: Rothgnaar's Fishing Hole

Real World Info

This session was played at Waves on 14 March 2011, featuring:

  • Marrigold Serpenthelm
  • Dalamyr
  • Connor


Bandits and priests of Hextor, two great tastes that taste great with fishermen.

The reward for a job well done

Dalamyr and Connor manage to get the freed slaves back to Restonford, and after a few days are given medals by the Baron (100 GPV each), and the traditional reward for a job well done - another job.

The priest of Hextor escaped with his bandit companions, and headed north. The Baron wants them dealt with, and has heard that they've been spotted

Knocking on doors

Fishwife and kids, they say Rothgnaar is sneaking off
Rothgnaar, bullied by Merriweather until he admits the shiny fish come from a fishing hole in the cave behind the ruined inn.

Urban renewal

Evil roots, ring saved from their grasp, rest of inn burned down

Cave fishing

Stairs lead down to a landing; on the landing is a doorway, stairs further down. Through the doorway is a hall with a statue, identified by Dalamyr as an ancient maritime goddess.
Past the statue is a hole downwards, which Marrigold, Connor, Raus, and Quimby abseil down, leaving Dalamyr and Sam upstairs. Nobody bats an eye as the players break rule number one - DON'T SPLIT THE PARTY.

An underground water temple

A water spout gushes from a wall-mounted serpent head, in to a pool where it subsumes down in to the depths. Two doors off to the side are left unopened while M+C head down a sloped passage (after a brief discussion about trying to drown the lower part of the cave).

Around the pool

The passage leads around a sea cave, with multiple side passages. Down the first can be heard drunken arguing, down the second a dead end cave with a small cairn of stones and what looks like a magical book, and from the third is a smell of smoke. At the end of the third passage they find the back of a secret door, presumably leading in to the inn.

They try to head back to Dalamyr, but one of the retainers kicks a rock, echoing loudly in the dark….

Drunkards and a priest

Alerted by the noise, several of the bandits come out while rather in their cups. Details needed for combat. As part of the second wave, the priest also came out and promptly held Dalamyr and Merriweather, and then cast fear on Connor.

A deal with the decapitated

Connor booked it to the stairs until suddenly the worst of the fear left him, and found that Zamzomarr's head had dispelled the influence that had been placed upon him. The disembodied head quickly cut a sly deal with the dwarf - in exchange for freeing his companions from their stasis, the dwarf would have to help get his body back. Desperate, Connor agreed…

What's good for the goose

Connor hurried back to the scene of the battle, at which point Zamzomarr's head freed Merriweather and Dalamyr. Enraged, the two made quick work of the remaining bandits, and then Dalamyr repaid the favor upon the enemy priest, holding him fast.

Note here about Dalamyr almost losing it and executing the priest

The warpstone

Total Losses/Loot

Connor's body is now in places unknown, while the head mysteriously survives while decapitated.

This line is important for posterity: All PCs received x xp and y gp. Retainers received z xp. Note any exceptions, side payments, etc here.

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