34: Rock of Ages

Real World Info

This session was played on May 21, 2010, featuring:

Dalamyr the wise.
Marrieth the elf, and her retainer Apu.
William Parsnip, his dog, and his retainer Molmar
Supper Brown the Dragon-Headed and his retainer Pilpo Paggins
Aytor the fighting eagle
Viktor the elf and his retainer Stulhmyr the Northman



The bowels of Quesqueton reveal marvels both wondrous and grotesque

Murmur the Goblin

A group of four goblins is encountered almost immediately. Two are slain and the rest surrender, with Marrieth charming one of them. He leads the party into the chambers of the goblin king. With assurance that the adventurers have come to clear out the orcs, the goblins oblige the men, elves and hobbit with a tour of the caverns below.

I'll Take Chest Number Three

Three chests in a room are guarded by zombies hiding in the wall, quickly dispatched. Meanwhile, Murmur runs off.

What was found inside?

Magic Rock

A large glowing rock in a small chamber is assumed to be the wish-granting stone of lore, and indeed it is. When Supper Brown swallows a shard his head morphs into that of a dragon! Marrieth becomes more homely for an elf, while Aytor's legs become Schwarzennegerred up.

Join the Goblin Army - See the Opposing Goblin Army

At a "Y" section of cavern, the group encounters two small bands of goblins. Supper Brown uses his newfound fire breath to scorch both groups.

Total Losses/Loot

Some Treasure counted by Devin

97 xp for player characters, 49 for retainers.


DM was johnstone.

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