DW 1: Robot Invasion



21 February 2013 at the Grind.


Call, android thief.
Caeser, a mutant. —>


The first in our series of Dungeon World adventures begins in outer space, as our heroes stop a robot invasion from destroying humanity.

Space Explorers

The gynoid secret agent (thief) Call and the mutant secret agent Caeser land their spaceship on an asteroid, intent on investigating the crashed vessel of a mysterious invading force.

For this crashed ship I used Stuart Robertson's One Page Dungeon entry "Dungeon from a Distant Star."

The pair of special agents landed their own ship and discovered they could not use their communications. They headed over to the crash site anyway, and found a way into the downed craft. They found destroyed robots and the bodies of flumphs, small animal-like humanoids whose planet is in danger of being terraformed by industrialists.

Domo Arigato Mister Roboto

Venturing further inside, they are attacked by robots, they discover captive flumphs used for biological experiments, they destroy a virus meant to be unleashed upon humanity, and they have an interview with the Iron Warlord. She demands information from them and becomes suspicious when Call does not have the correct passwords and protocols. But our heroes discover who the enemy is: a robot invasion.


Previously, in the humanspace capital on the moon, the imperial princess herself asked these two agents to find out who this mysterious enemy is. She told them that human scientists were working on a defensive shield, but they needed to know more about the enemy.

Back on the Asteroid

Robot spaceships have been dispatched to the downed spacecraft, since Call gave the co-ordinates to the Iron Warlord. But Caeser uses his precognition to determine that the robot ships will not arrive until the two agents are back in their own ship. So they grab the bioenhancing sphere and take the data cubes from the crashed robot ship. In doing so, they discover that the robots have secret information about the humanspace defense shield that could only have come from a traitor on the inside.

Dogfight in Space

But how will they outrun the robot fighters? The dynamic duo fly their spaceship through a space-ray axis and into an asteroid field. They manage to ambush and disable one of the two robot fighter ships and in a deadly game of laser tag chicken they destroy the second ship by flying right at it, but Call has to work the engines something fierce and burns her hands in the process.

Capital Crimes

They rush back to Luna only to find the city without power. Only one building still has lights on, and it is a scientific building. The two agents crash their ship and head out to this building. Upon entering, they encounter David, the replicant servant of the scientists. He tells them that Mordock, humanity's greatest genius, has made a deal with the robots. He tells Call she should join with them and destroy the biological creatures. She resists, claiming that Caeser is her friend and ally and that they can work together. David scoffs and shoots her with his blaster, but Caeser jumps in front and blocks her! David is amazed, and realizes that biological and synthetic people can live together after all!

All's Well that Ends Well

The two heroes rush into the scientific building, capture Mordock handily, and thwart his plans to allow the robots to pass beyond the humanspace shield, thus saving the day. Because they are secret agents, they do not get public recognition for their heroism, but they do receive a pay increase.

Total Losses/Loot

Call and Caeser destroyed one space ship and one scientist's career.
Caeser managed to take home a globe that stimulates healing in biological organisms.

GM was johnstone.

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