Roald Bloom

A bizarre plant-like mutant man with photosynthetic skin and leafy growths, disgusting melty eyes and a taste for human flesh.

Player grrraham
Class Mutant Fighting Plantman
Alignment Chaotic
Special gross melty eyes, epidermal photosynthesis, leafy growths, cannibal
Strength 10
Dexterity 7 (-1)
Constitution 16 (+2)
Intelligence 4 (-2)
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8 (-1)

From whence Roald came, none may say. Of the fate which befell him in that dark and breast shaped dome, few will speak. What is known of him is thus: Roald, though quiet and unassuming, was a stupid and cruel creature whose garotte met the throats of many men who deserved much better. Roald's propensity for putting things into his mouth to identify them, and his other regular acts of unmitigated idiocy should have been his death time and again but sheer luck and a strange quirk of the uncaring universe left him alive for many years.

Roald eventually met his end at the (many) hands of a mutant concubine beast which seized, absored, and incorporated him into itself, no doubt bolstering its own strength with the addition of his bio-matter. It is appropriate that even in death, he has taken a form which will bring misery and misfortune to any who come across him; many men may yet gasp their last while staring into his repulsive melty eyes.

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