49: Rise of the Purple Worm God

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This session was played on October 18th 2010, featuring:

Dalamyr, foremost priest of the owl god
Ranndy Serpenthelm, cousin of the unfortunately deceased Archibald
Holga, an old lady with a bad leg and no face.
And the retainers Wilson, Rickard and Cosgrove.


Dalamyr catches up with the intrepid monster killers as they investigate the sinister cult of the purple worm god. After a strange fog causes confusion everything goes pear shaped and won't someone please think of the children! (Dalamyr does). When the smoke clears (figuratively) Holga is the new high priestess of the purple worm god and Ranndy is an enthusiastic accomplice. Dalamyr vows never to go underground with total strangers ever again.

The Quest for the Red Flowers

Dalamyr, hoping to get some red flowers, makes his way to Fort Chesterfield, where he hears some might be found. Lord Chesterfield sends him off to help with the other adventurers he recently hired to take care of his monster problem, vaguely suggesting that this might, in some indirect way, lead to him acquiring some such flowers.

The Incredible Dalamyr Show

Inside, a couple evil cultists are found ordering around a group of goblin slaves who are painting strange arcane runes onto the walls of the caves. The intrepid monster slayers do what they do best and quickly dispatch half of them but the remaining cultist and goblins prove a heartier bunch and strike down many of the adventurers. Dalamyr, apparently not taking the fight too seriously, takes the occasional break from his martial struggle against the forces of evil to heal his fallen comrades in mid-fight.
Eventually the evil priest is forced to fall back to a nearby crypt where he conjures a fearsome army of the undead which Dalamyr turns with casual ease. Dalamyr demands the cultist's surrender and, faced with such an invincible bastion of wisdom, the cultist prostrates himself in subservience.

Holga takes the worm priest's purple robe to disguise herself as a fellow cultist. Ranndy takes his plate mail which is +1. He also takes the mace. Later he caves in the naked, bound, immobile cultist's head to find out if the weapon is enchanted (it is).
While exploring some of tunnels, Holga pauses to read some of the runes which the goblins were painting on the walls. She inadvertently casts an enchantment and purple fog collects in the tunnels. Everyone's head feels thick and heavy and…

…everything goes pear shaped….

everyone gets lost in the tunnels and separated? ranndy's with cosgrove, holga's with some goblins, dalamyrs in the wrong room? where did wilson rickard lorador go? holga follows the goblins—hey they found dalamyr whats he doing here? ranndy kills a naked priest ranndykills cosgrove dalamyr kills goblins gobins kill holga theres a worm in ranndy theres a worm god talking to holga. It promises to love her forever. She loves it too. shes awake and the fogs clearing and ranndy found her and dalamyr and Holga has no face, which is disconcerting, but its important that they move on to the next room, now, which is the graveyard of the purple worms.

Battle of the Boneyard

The next room is a massive cavern filled with bones of various sizes. There is a cultist standing over a blood stained alter with three young children, some goblins, and Rickard who is now stark raving mad. Dalamyr, growing unsettled, tries to reason and negotiate with the priest but Holga has been spoken to by the great worm and will not tolerate false prophets. She hurls a flask of oil at the cultist, missing and dousing one of the children instead. (Fortunately the boneyard is open allowing sunlight and so no torches are brought into the fray)
Dalamyr casts hold person and paralyzes the cultist. While he turns to confront six goblins, Holga slips over to the cultist, slits his throat and spills his blood across the alter of the purple worm god. When Dalamyr turns to see why the goblins are gesturing subserviently instead of approaching menacingly, he finds Holga covered in gore and anointing Rickard with blood, welcoming him as the first disciple of the worm god.
Eager to leave at this point, Dalamyr readily agrees with Ranndy who suggests that he take the children to safety, leaving. With Dalamyr gone, Ranndy pledges himself to the Purple Worm God and he and Holga explore the rest of their newly won temple.

A Hard Bargain

Dalamyr leaves and doesn't look back. He makes a deal with Lord Chesterfield to just buy the friggin' flowers and gets the hell out of dodge.

Kill Count

  • Wilson (missing, presumed dead)
  • Rickard (missing, underwater, presumed dead)
  • Cosgrove (head smashed in, presumed dead)
  • 3 priests of the purple worm cult
  • 5 skeletons
  • 6 zombies
  • 4 goblins


  • 6000gp
  • 400gp in gems
  • 2 potions
  • a fine silvery rope
  • 6 goblin henchmen
  • Plate Mail +1
  • Mace +1
  • worm (inside Ranndy)

All PCs received 1902 xp. Retainers received 951 xp. Holga and Ranndy recieved 3200 gp, but Dalamyr got nothing because he ran off like a scaredy cat.

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