Algol 04: Return to the Voluptuary, Part II

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This session was played on November 1st 2010, featuring:

Xerij'l the Morheeg thief
Saabroz the Shereshi
Roald Bloom the fighting-mutant
and introducing Velouria, she of the blonde hair and red skin


The voluptuary is successfully penetrated and the precious idol successfully retrieved, though at great expense in lives.

Shrubbery and What Lay Beyond

Upon making it to the surface and peering through the shrubs to the great dome beyond, Gorlo panicked and fled, disappearing back into the basement and presumably fleeing back out through the sewers.

The rest of the party make their way toward two large breast shaped buildings, hoping that they are part of the concubinatorium in which the sculpture they seek is said to be kept. They sneak along avoiding the notice of two guards at a gate several hundred feet away but are forced to use a noisy powered cutting blade to open the entrance which has been sealed shut by a metal plate which is bolted over it. The noise attracts the guards but Xerij'l, Roald and Saabroz the Shereshi vermin are able to slip inside and close the hole up neatly enough that the guards do not seem to notice anything awry when they come over to investigate.

The Penetration

Inside the building, a number of pools are found which are designed to look semi-natural but which froth with jacuzzi jets. Lotus blossoms float in one of the pools, which, upon closer investigation, appear to be made of gold and silver. Roald fishes several from the pool with his spear but more float around the centre of the pool, out of reach. With little hesitation or consideration, Roald hops into the pool to wade out and retrieve the rest of the blossoms and is caught entirely off guard when a monstrous figure rears up out of the water.

Creature from the Jacuzzi Lagoon

The monster has long thick and matted hair of many different colours and textures. This vile mane covers an amorphous mass of heads and faces which stare out with crazed looks in their many eyes. Its body is a similarly bulging mass of breasts and arms, reaching out and waving, grasping, flailing around chaotically. It only rises up to its waist out of the water but below the surface the water is churned by the dozens of legs which kick out and propel it towards Roald.

Roald scarcely has a chance to gaze upon and fully take in the sight of the creature before he is seized with its many arms and it begins taking him in. At first Roald struggles with the beast but soon a change comes over him and be begins writhing together with the beast, rubbing himself against it even while it pulls him into itself.

Xerij'l and Saabroz hesitate for only the briefest moment before leaping into the water and valiantly trying to beat the monster away from their undeserving associate. Though they manage to deliver some vicious blows, they watch in horror while Roald is absorbed, his own flesh losing its form and flowing together with monster to fill its wounds. Finally, Roald disappears from sight and is completely incorporated into the monsters fleshy writhing form. Xerij'l makes one last futile effort to snatch Roald from the monster before following Saabroz in beating a hasty retreat.

Lenny Kravitz Love Den

Xerij'l and Saabroz explore the other side of the concubinatorium, but find only plush couches and garishly-coloured carpeting. In the course of their explorations, however, they discover a glass tube containing an incredibly tall and skinny mutant woman with red skin. She is dressed as a concubine and seems to be held in some kind of stasis. Hoping she might have information on the whereabouts of the ecstatic idol, Saabroz breaks the glass tube, only to find himself paralyzed by the silvery mist which escapes. When he comes to, Xerij'l is talking to the woman, Velouria, who claims to know nothing about the concubinatorium and insists that her last memory was of being shot with a dart, in the city outside of the Voluptuary, many years ago. The adventurers allow her to tag along as they continue their search for the idol and take a ramp leading upstairs. Saabroz vows to document the Autarch's criminal kidnapping ways and reveal them to the populace.

The Beauty Product Bounty

On the next floor is what seems to be the living (and probably working) quarters of the concubines of the concubinatorium. There are a number of bedrooms and a bathroom which is strewn with bottles of fancy shampoos and perfumes. They may be valuable, provided a buyer can be found, and are gathered up in a sack. The sack of cosmetics and toiletries is left downstairs with the silver and gold flowers to be grabbed on the way out and the party proceeds upstairs (upramp) to the next level.

Ecstatic Writhing in Tentacles

Upstairs is a large semicircular bed. Sitting in the middle of the bed is a purple-bronze hepatezon sculpture of a number of women being held by a mass of tentacles. The women look ecstatic.
Everyone suspects that there must be some kind of trickery involved. The bed must be a trap, or maybe there's a monster in the bed, or maybe the bed is a monster! Xerij'l stabs through the bed several times but it seems like a normal bed with a mattress and no monsters and so they throw caution to the wind and recklessly grab the idol. Nothing happens. It was just a bed. There was a secret compartment but it had a spell book, not a trap.

The Daring Escape

With the idol in hand the adventurers hightail it back toward the sewer which they entered by. After a brief detour through what appears to be some kind of charging station for the robot sentries, there is a brief skirmish with a couple robots in which Xerij'l is briefly incapacitated by an electrified bayonet, Saabroz sees his journalistic dreams shattered when he is slain by an arrow through the heart, and Velouria learns an important lesson about firing arrows into melee combat. Both robots are slain but not before one emits a loud shrieking alarm.

With no time to waste Xerij'l and Velouria strip Saabroz of valuables, grab the idol and make for the sewer pipe. As Velouria lowers it to Xerij'l, robot guards burst into the room. She dives down after the idol and, dropping caltrops behind her to deter pursuit, beats feet with Xerij'l back to the tenement canyon.

They make it back to town without incident. The idol is given to Sapphire Vapour who, despite the party's misgivings, and his entourage of muscled thugs, does not double cross them and delivers the promised reward of 5000 gold credits.

Deaths and Kills

  • Sabroz the Shereshi, slain by an errant arrow
  • Roald Bloom the plantman, engulfed by the concubine beast
  • Hazak the Inhuman Slayer, slain in common mugging
  • 3 synthetic guardians of the Voluptuary


  • 5000gp reward for retrieving Hepatezon idol, 'Ecstatic Writhing in Tentacles'
  • curved silver dagger
  • triangular red dagger
  • spell book

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