10: Return to the Lost Mine

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This session was played on July 2, 2009.

Featuring Barry Fancypants, Sly Naptastic, Gamgar Khazam, Viktor Calanon and the retainers K-k-k-ken, Ulrick, Terence, Millhouse, Smithers and Peewee.


The Boon Companions return to the Lost Mine to retrieve Weevil's gemstone from its hiding place. They lose several retainers to skeletons and acolytes of Chaos, but manage to escape with the loot, despite treachery from within the party.

I. No sign of life

As the party approached, the mine appeared empty and devoid of activity. As they had plans to excavate the Goblin cesspit, said gemstone's aforementioned hiding place, Gamgar had made sure to bring planks and equip everyone with a bucket. The party soon discovered that indeed others had been to the mine since their last foray - for the first pit already had it's own planks! Our sturdy heroes ventured on, encountering nothing until they tried to cross the infamous rope bridge.

II. Skeletons on the bridge

The first peculiar sight was the pair of skeletons standing on the other side of the bridge. Half the party moved towards them, while Viktor, Gamgar, Sly, and a retainer or two stayed behind. Viktor was tasked with providing cover from the menacing stirges. As soon as Barry and his goons had reached the skeletons, they came alive and attacked! And then more showed up, assaulting the party from behind! And then the stirges swooped down, en masse! It was almost a dark, dark day for these courageous delvers, but the wizard Sly once again proved his usefulness. He cast a spell of sleep upon the stirges, who plummeted into the depths of the river and were washed away, and he set fire to the passageway, burning many of the oncoming skeletons. Those who were not laid low by fire were ably dispatched by daring Gamgar, just as those in front were dispatched by Barry. And his goons.

III. Down the craphole

Having conquered the undead, the party now looked to the unpleasant task of excavating the Goblin cesspit, conveniently located in a room just past the rope bridge. While others took turns guarding the three other exits, K-k-k-ken was lowered down by a rope to look for the gemstone. He proved incapable of the task, slipping and falling right into the muck. The party was forced to send Ulrick down to assist him. Ulrick reported there was a further room down the pit, and then the two retainers were attacked by giant centipedes! Barry and Millhouse dragged them back out, and lo and behold! Ulrick had found the gemstone - a fist-sized faceted diamond, worth a thousand gold pieces.

The party had found what they came for, but now they had to get out of the mine unscathed. Ulrick and Ken were both wounded and ill, but Barry and Viktor laid planks and ventured down the cesspit, finding a door and another room. And then Gamgar heard someone coming down the hall! Peering around the corner, he saw three armour-clad acolytes of Chaos, marching a prisoner to the cesspit. Gamgar attempted to mimic the sound of a stirge, in the hopes they would turn away from the party, but to no avail. Sly took the diamond and the two sick retainers and headed out, while Gamgar stood against the attacking priests. And then - treachery!

IV. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Peewee saw this as his moment to strike. He could see the diamond was poorly guarded, and so instead of helping, he cut the rope that Viktor and Barry were climbing out of the cesspit with! Gamgar was forced to hold the Chaotic priests at bay while his companions clawed their way out of the filth, leaving Sly to fend off Peewee on his own.

Luckily, our heroes were up for the task, and their enemies were defeated, either dying or fleeing. Additionally, Gamgar recovered their prisoner and some of their papers, which may come in useful later.

V. Losses/loot

18 skeletons, 10 stirges, 6 giant centipedes, 5 acolytes and the retainer Peewee were killed or defeated. The retainers Smithers and Terence were killed in action and their colleagues K-k-k-ken and Ulrick were poisoned by centipedes.

The party recovered a diamond worth 1,000gp, two suits of plate mail, shields and maces, papers and a prisoner of the Chaos Cultists.

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