70: Return to the Hole in the Hill

Being the fourth, fifth, and I think sixth? expeditions into the hole in the hill, this session was played on Saturday, 17 September 2011, at Waves on Broadway.


Colonel Kaffshyth, the maniac.
Muckmirth, the silver-tongued cleric of Tsathoggua.
Merrigold Serpenthelm, the assassinator.
Elizabeth Serpenthelm, the sleep wizard.

The party returns to the dungeon and kills some goblins. Elizabeth's Sleep spell comes in handy, and produces a prisoner to be questioned, who is then dispatched by Merrigold. Our heroes then find the horrible grey ooze that plagued Merrigold so mightily in the third expedition, and he cuts it in half with one blow, killing it. The phoenix shield (which I totally forgot to mention was a shield +2 when Merrigold got attacked later) is recovered, and the party explores to the north, finding a group of drug-crazed berzerker orcs, some strange rooms, bats, and some dangerous-looking pits. One of several secret door leads to a stairway full of zombies, who the adventurers decide not to fight.

Merrigold goes back to Restenford several times to pester the druid Almax, who is less than thrilled with Merrigold's attempts to throw money at him in exchange for assistance.

Returning later, the party finds that the goblins have left. But they do encounter a cultist bearing the black pyramid symbol coming out of the magic mirror. Muckmirth's silver tongue comes in handy again, and he says he has come to pay obeisance to the black pyramid. The crazed, maniacal cultist shows them through the secret doors that lead to the subterranean room that holds the black ziggurat. Merrigold then assassinates the priest, and the party discovers that the pyramid shows them strange visions, but provides no treasure.

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