32: Return to the Filthy Sewers

Real World Info

This session was played on Monday, May 17th, at Waves on Broadway at Spruce, and featured:

William Parsnip and his dog, Rex.
Gamgar Khazam and his retainers Milan and Floria Khazam.
corporal-kaffshyth and his meat-shields: Lortag the Barbarian and some halfling.


Parsnip, Gamgar, and Kaffshyth return to the filthy, bandit-infested sewers under Threshold.

Beyond the Lair of the Giant Frog

Our brave heroes once again venture down into the sewers beneath Threshold. They first investigate the narrow corridor leading away from the pool-room where a giant frog used to live. They find an alcove covered in yellow mold, and manage to clear it out with oil and fire. Kaffshyth's halfling retainer then scouts ahead, and finds a room, but is skewered by goblin javelins. Parsnip and Kaffshyth provide support with their missile weapons while Rex, Milan, and Gamgar wade into battle. Sadly, Milan does not survive the battle with a dozen goblins.

The last goblin attempts to flee down a hidden crawl-hole, but is dispatched with a crossbow bolt. The surviving heroes peer down the hole, then decide to investigate later, in favour of larger passageways.

Giant Spiders

Scouting more of the passageways, they come across a poorly-carved-out room, and send the barbarian ahead to scout. When he is attacked by four giant spiders, our brave companions decide that discretion is the better part of valour and retreat to the surface. Lortag the barbarian is not fast enough, though, and must be left behind, in the clutches of the eight-legged horrors.

Total Losses/Loot

The goblins were looted for electrum pieces and jewelry.

All PCs earned 100xp each. Retainers earned 50xp each.

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