Here follows a list of local mercenaries, former soldiers and other ne'er-do-wells who have been active in the Black Peaks area:

Retainers for hire:
  • Bella Clover, the tinyist little she-halfling you ever did see.
  • Erol Offswing, Noted for his great strength, dexterity and (surprisingly) charisma, Erol likes to whistle while he works, and his work usually involves swinging his huge pick. Sometimes at rock, other times at orc genitalia. Erol was born without darkvision, and left his clan long ago. Nevertheless, he loves being underground, and affixes a fat candle to his spelunking helmet.
  • Fazoom, One of the mysterious brothers from the southern desert realms, Fazoom is the oldest and is known as having the strength of a baby ogre (that's incredibly strong).
  • Finn, One of the mysterious brothers from the southern desert realms, Finn is neither the strongest, smartest, nor most likeable of the three.
  • Flann, One of the mysterious brothers from the southern desert realms, Flann is the the youngest of the three and the only one who drinks alcoholic beverages.
  • Hattrick, Swaddled in a blood red cloak and befeathered hat, Hattrick's signature move is drawing his dagger, slashing his opponents throat, and sheathing the weapon in the blink of an eye.
  • Heramphalmos, It's me, Heramphalmos!
  • Hooky Yar, Hooky (formerly known as Handy) Yar lost everything in a game of lanterloo, including his shitty job on the galleon "The Harpy's Gallstone."
  • Kai Ya, Kai-Ya is a hearty monk from the Order of the Beta Carotine, far to the east.
  • Otto Man-at-Arms, This laconic man-at-arms is covered in scars from a fire, possibly related to his former career as a wizard's apprentice.
  • Timtam, A dwarf of the bardish persuasion.
  • Ulrick, A mercenary once hired by Sly Naptastic.
  • Wanda, Wanda the blue is a known sorceress from the north.
Retainers currently employed:
  • Apu, Marrieth's loyal and capable defender.
  • Dierdre the Street Thug, The fragrant Diedre is a street thug hired by Eluria for several expeditions to the Keep of Koralgesh.
  • Helvetica, Seduced Lord Stefan's son and stole his property. Has a bounty on her head.
  • Holmen, A Magic-User from Restenford hired by Bonspiel. Currently under a magical compulsion to return to the library under Bone Hill and write his spells in a magic book there… and possibly other effects. Bonspiel keeps him bound and frequently gagged for his own protection.
  • Kalgar, 1st level neutral Dwarf with a hatred of orcs. Carries a heavy crossbow and wears chainmail. Hired by Emelio Tog
  • Molmar, A farmboy used to shooting womprats back home from Threshold
  • Mulyx, Warhammer wielding acolyte of Treshnock, the Snake of the Seven Ways.
  • Pilpo Paggins, The rich son of a richer merchant-lord who has foregone the family business in search of adventure.
  • Quimby, A former mercenary who evasive about his past and seems to be running from some sort of trouble.
  • Reynil Thorsson of Glar, Reynil Thorsson (of Glar), lawful deserter from a Chaotic lord's army, 8hp 1st level fighter carries a hand axe and shield and holy symbol of law and wears leather armour. Hired by Emelio
  • Shaz Medinkle, Strong for a roguish type, but also quite smooth.
  • Ussil Leodhambis, A former slave of the Dragon Army, Ussil the elf is tired of being a labourer, and has turned to adventuring in order to make enough money to return home.
  • Uts Magestabber, Nobody has ever seen Uts stab a mage… "but I could. Pass me that fork." Currently in the service of Gamgar Khazam.
Dead retainers:
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