15: Relief in Koralgesh

Real World Info

This session was played on January 15, 2010.

Cast of characters:

Sly Naptastic & his retainers Feldspar the Neophyte & Terence.
Carparella the Apprentice.
Barry Fancypants and her retainers Millhouse the Vomit-Covered and Quimby.
Dalamyr, cleric of the realm.
Viktor Calanon the elf and his retainer K-k-ken.
Marrieth the elf.


Adventurers resume explorations in the Temple of Kor and find an unusual pool under the Keep of Koralgesh.

I. Back at the Camp

At the end of the previous delving, the adventurers go back to the mysterious abandoned camp to rest. They are surprised to learn when the camp-makers return that they are old adventuring allies who had been chased away by snow goblins and got lost in the woods.

II. Revisiting the Lava

The group brings home-made wooden bridges with them into the dungeon to navigate over the lava fissures. They come across more orcs and (after Milhouse is sadly killed) Sly puts a somnariffic spell on them. The spoils of the resulting murder justifiable homicide is a potion of invisibility (taken by Marrieth) and a magical shield of Kor (taken by Dalamyr).

III. Pool of Seeing…

While navigating the many lava fissures the group comes upon a locked room with a pool that scries into many other Kor-related rooms (including one with four chests that greatly interests Carparella). While she and Ken are scrying, the rest of the party hears a large creature shuffling around the corridors. Viktor tries to charm the creature magically but it runs off.


In another section of the dungeon the party comes upon a strange corridor with bats seemingly suspended in mid-air. While investigating this the unknown shuffler in the dark returns. This time Marrieth tries to charm it but it charges the group. The adventurers manage to slay the ogre with arrows, oil and thanks to Dalamyr's bravery, fire.

V. Total losses/loot

Ten orcs 100xp
Ogre 125 xp

Orcs: Shield of Kor; potion of invisibility; 173gp; 752sp, 6 gems worth 520gp
Ogre: 70gp

Each surviving PC earned 150xp, 139gp and 7 sp. Each surviving retainer earned 75xp and bupkis! (A generous DM allowed us to round xp up, praise be to thickets).

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