Ranndy Serpenthelm

All Hail the Purple Worm!

Player Mxlplx
Class Fighter 6
Title Warrior of the Purple Worm
Alignment Chaotic
Special Mad from the Machinations of the Purple Worm
Strength 13 (+1)
Intelligence 7 (-1)
Wisdom 16 (+2)
Dexterity 6 (-1)
Constitution 7 (-1)
Charisma 10
Armor Class 3 (-1)
Hit Points 32
Treasure (7000 in bank)
EXP 36453
Poison 10
Magic 11
Paralysis 12
Breath 13
Magical Device 14

Ranndy hates lawful people. As far as he's concerned they are only good for sacrificing for the glory of the purple worm god. He understands at this point sacrificing them all is not feasible so he keeps himself happy with a few roadside sacrifices as he travels from town to town with the no-faced priest of the purple worm, Holga.

Notable Equipment:


Items of Note

The Hounds of Serpenthelm
Teln The Dragonheaded Dog Ranndy turned into a minotaur and ate the dog.
Nudd the Claw Dog And this one.
Nuada the Perceptive Dog Also this one.


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