Purple Worm Cult

A cult dedicated to the worship and advancement of the purple worm god.


  • Holga the high priestess
  • Ranndy Serpenthelm the acolyte
  • Runty the halfling
  • Some other Serpenthelm who recently became park warden in The People's Revolutionary Park
  • Ondrar and Andrero the ogres
  • Cosgrove and his wife
  • Gorflaxx the goblin chief
  • Pokewell Pokerton the Goblin
  • Gumby Goblin
  • 5 nameless Goblins


  • Sacred temple and altar located at a purple worm graveyard near Fort Chesterfield
  • Hellmouth located underneath the iron tower
  • Secret illegal temple and altar in the caves of The People's Revolutionary Park in Ormok. There's a black hole which leads to the furthest reaches of space in one of the walls. (Abandoned and likely seized by Ormok authorities.)


  • had a confrontation with bear cultists, possible rival cult
  • burnt down the alchemist's shop in Threshold, no longer welcome in Threshold
  • responsible for multiple incidents of mischief and vandalism in Ormok
  • hunting down Reginald the jerkoff a teleporting rat cultist some elf

The purple worm cult is reputed to have ties to anarcho syndicalists.

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