62: Purple Fearless Vampire Killahs

Real World Info

This session was played on May 24, featuring:

Holga the faceless one
Ranndy the cruel one
Runty the short one
Viktor the new one
Gumpy the goblin
Pokey the hag slayer (also a goblin)
Janus the norseman
Freya the norsewoman
Unvay the surly serf

This adventure was based on the one-page dungeon The Bone Harvest Horror, by Immolate (whose real name I don't know).


The dead have no use for riches. The Purple Worm Cult does. A redistribution of wealth is put into effect.

Reginald and Viktor

Ranndy got robbed by some jackoff named Reginald! Or really he is hypnotized into sinking all his money into a scam investment, but the Worm Cult does not trouble itself with fine distinctions! Vengeance is needed but Reggie already escaped northward over the ocean. This is a serious blow to the financial status of the worm cult, but an evil cleric says he knows of an ancient tomb full of considerable riches. He is welcomed into the purple wormy fold.

A room full of zombies

After passing through the underground Stonehenge, the party passes by the standing tombs and discovers a room full of coffins. Coffins full of zombies, that is? Zombies are lame, right? Especially if there's a cleric in the party. Apparently not when there is dozens of them and the cleric is awful. Gumby and Pokey and Viktor are slain, in spite of the groups best efforts to A strategic retreat is made. The two northerners are sacrificed to the worm god after they try to take the retreat too far. The surly halfling convinces the surly serf not to get uppity when he sees his fellow hirelings slain for retreating in order to wipe the blood out of their eyes.

The worm god is pleased by the sacrifice and revives Viktor.

Ghouls are awful

The part discovers some catacombs, with row upon row of interred bodies. There are some worthless sarcophagi with no discernible value or purpose. Every time we mess with them we get attacked by ghouls. We mess with them over and over and over.

The fountain and the golden crown

A fountain is found. It heals wounds and relieves weariness and tastes slightly tangy. Another room has a golden crown in it. The party uses a ring of telekinesis to obtain the crown, and when it moves, the floor in the whole room crumbles away revealing a pit trap! Death is narrowly avoided!

The vampire and the heavy lid

There are some wooden angels guarding a sarcophagi . The angels are dispatched but when our heroes go to loot the coffin, its lid lifts up and a hand reaches out. Holga freaks out a little bit and casts enlarge on the lid, causing it to fall back down crushing the hand. While the vampire within struggles to lift the lid again flaming oil, holy water and arrows are thrown in at him. He finally gets out and nearly wipes everyone out because apparently vampires are tough as hell, but is ultimately taken down by the Purple Fearless Vampire Killahs.


The vampire had tons of sick loot and some magic items including a hat or something which makes Randy telekinetic! He uses it to get a gold crown from a room which looked a lot like it was probably a trap (it was). More loot!


  • Gumby the Goblin
  • Pokey the Goblin
  • Viktor (he came back though)
  • Norseman
  • Norsewoman
  • tons of zombies
  • several ghouls
  • wooden angel golems
  • vampire


  • about 17600gp worth
  • several magic items

This line is important for posterity: All PCs received ~4100 xp and 4400 gp. Retainers received ~2050 xp.

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